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The path to an integrated marketing portal

Mobiliar was accompanied by the aclevion team in close cooperation on the path from a brand portal to a marketing portal. Today, it can be said that with the new marketing portal, Mobiliar now has an integrated, even more flexible and efficient brand management tool. This is because the portal offers basic information on the brand and user guidelines for the brand elements as well as process-oriented application pages. With this combination, employees and service providers are equally empowered to act and communicate in the spirit of the brand, both visually and in terms of content.

The feedback on the marketing portal as well as on the extended functions in the self-service area is consistently positive. Many applaud the greater dynamic of the layouts, as now even more print materials can be created directly, easily and highly efficiently by the various interest groups themselves.”

Reto KneubühlProcesses & Systems Manager, Marketing Services Mobiliar