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Gianluca Notaro

After his studies in computer science at University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Gianluca started as a QA Engineer at exense. As he wants to further develop his software engineering skills, we are very happy to welcome Gianluca at aclevion. And we are sure that his experience with test automation will be an asset for us as well. In the last few years, Gianluca has been intensively studying Machine Learning, a further discipline that is gaining importance in the publishing and content management environment.

Gianluca supports our growing team as Solution Architect & Developer since May 2022.

Gianluca private

I like to work out and visit the gym a lot in my free time. But the mountains are equally important for me, hiking or just spending time outside. But just when the weather is right. As a southern Italian, rain and cold don’t suit me very well. I am fascinated by smells and passionately collect rare perfumes. So, I spend a lot of time searching for new and rare fragrances.

I'm not satisfied until a problem is completely solved.

Gianluca NotaroSolution Architect & Developer