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Shorter time-to-market and reduced external costs

The previous process to produce standard advertising materials at Migros involved several systems, redundant data storage and multiple work. As part of a program to redesign the standard advertising materials, their planning, design and production were also to be optimized on a system-supported basis. Since Migros already relies on a censhare system developed by us in many areas of its market communication, the choice for the new solution also fell on censhare and aclevion as system integrator.

Together with Migros, we analyzed their needs, designed a new process, and implemented the additional functionality required. Today, those responsible for marketing and communications plan their advertising materials in just a few intuitive and user-friendly steps in the central Content Hub. The high degree of automation of the solution not only shortened the time-to-market, but also significantly reduced external costs.

Learn more about the implementation and the benefits achieved here:

With the page planning tool, the processes for the creation of the weekly, advertising material of the offer and POP communication are organized consistently, centrally, and collaboratively. With the connection to all relevant systems, this enables resource-optimized and consistent communication across all touchpoints with the direct involvement of all participating stakeholders.

Patrik LutherHead of Sales Promotions Producing, Marketing Communications Directorate, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund