We are aclevion.

We are a team of 27 experts having started a new era in July 2021 with the new company aclevion AG, which is a “spin off” of censhare (Schweiz) AG.


Our history.
Our story begins in June 2021, at our headquarters on Pilatusstrasse 3a, in 6003 Lucerne. After 14 years, Jürg Weber, former founder and CEO of censhare (Schweiz) AG, decides to establish aclevion AG and remail closely linked to the company.

First censhare Platinum Partner in Switzerland
As the first censhare Platinum Partner in Switzerland, we will be taking over the consulting, implementation and support of censhare system solutions within the Swiss market. As a result, 27 team members from the operating service area of censhare (Schweiz) AG will transfer to aclevion AG. This will enable us to secure our extensive know-how in the implementation of censhare projects as well as in the systematic areas relating to media data management and multi-channel communication.

Long-standing experience and reputable censhare licensee
We have many years of experience in supporting well-known national and international companies such as Geberit, Globus, Swiss Post, Migros MGB, Migros M-electronics, Migros Do It Garden, Micasa, Mobiliar Insurance, Sanitas Insurance, Chocolat-Halba, ESA, Leister Technologies, Office World, BLS, Swiss Re etc. We are very pleased to be able to take over the further operational support, project implementations and ongoing customer support, under the new company name, aclevion AG.

Promising future prospects thanks to the expansion of the system spectrum and range of services
Together with censhare (Schweiz) AG, we will take a further innovative step in the future and continue to promote the market penetration of the censhare system solution, as well as further expand the system spectrum and range of services, including team resources. A solution that enables smooth support and even closer customer care.


System Solutions


Project Experience


Team Member

Our Team

Key Account Manager

Hansres Emch

Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to do something new. As Key Account Manager, it is therefore precisely my job to show our customers that this courage is worthwhile. To show that we don't just talk, but also act. We meet our customers and partners at eye level and work with them to develop or expand their desired solution for sustainable corporate communications.
Senior Project Manager

Annette Ebner

The human factor in the realization of software projects is just as important to me as a Senior Project Manager, if not more so, than the actual system solution. That's why I maintain a trusting and cooperative relationship with customers and partners. Emotions, which can run high in the course of a digitization, must have just as much room as the technical aspects. If the customer is happy, so are we.
Key Account Manager / Sales

Marco Nägeli

"People buy from people" and that is exactly why it is important to me to have clear and clean communication with my customers and partners and to build an honest relationship of trust. They shall realize that aclevion is not just about a software product. It is about a total package of software and user. The product has to be good, but what is even more important: the user should feel positively supported by the product at all times.

Jürg Weber

The development of meaningful and future-oriented system solutions in the communications sector has always been fun for me. It's great to be able to look behind many interesting company scenes with my aclevion team. We are happy to support our customers with our expert knowledge in handling their digital communication content for multichannel use. To ensure that we succeed in this, we rely on close and intensive cooperation with our customers and their users. Both in consulting and system setup as well as in the ongoing support of the system solutions.
Head of Project Management

Philipp Hübscher

As Head of Project Management, it is important to me to still be involved in software projects myself and to also implement them. This is the only way I can stay close to customers, partners and my team and correctly assess their needs as well as those of the market. Because if we succeed in creating a healthy basis for a software project in all respects, nothing stands in the way of a long, sustainable and, above all, enjoyable collaboration.
Head of Operations

Marco Wunderlin

"Every path begins with a first step" - this is what my many years of experience in a wide variety of areas, such as on the customer side, in IT or in support, have taught me. Because only those who dare to take the first step will continue on their way. And should a break or a detour be necessary, I try to support the team with my broad knowledge in the best possible way so that we reach the desired customer goal efficiently and effectively.
Senior Project Manager

Alessandro Bonin

Change is unstoppable - but important. As Senior Project Manager, I therefore support customers and partners in the ongoing development of their information and communication needs. To ensure that customers feel personally taken care of at every moment of this technical evolution, I believe it is essential to build mutual trust and to always act transparently and honestly.
Head of Accounting & HR

Conny Schmid

Often or more and more, professional and private life flow into each other. So it has always been important to me, both professionally and personally, to deal with my fellow human beings fairly and correctly. Perhaps, or perhaps because of this, I like what I do professionally today so much. I'm part of a team that deals honestly and objectively and with whom it's fun to pull together. For our customers who are looking for an honest and sustainable solution for their information and communication needs.
Requirements Engineer

Timur Ük

As a requirements engineer, I take care of customer requirements that are verified, analyzed and transformed into requirements specifications without contradictions. In doing so, I act as an interface between the customer, project manager and developer, where, in addition to a wide variety of working procedures, diverse personalities also collide. My experience has shown me that mutual openness, transparency and honesty form a healthy basis for a trusting collaboration. That's why I appreciate it very much when there is comprehensive and clear communication. This leads to sustainable results.

Gino Ziörjen

In my role as Customer Service/Application Supporter, it's important to me that customers feel taken seriously and looked after right from the start. That's why I try to take the perspective of my counterpart during the initial contact and find out where the shoe pinches. It is important to me to show the customer in an understandable way what challenge he is currently facing and what solution we can offer. Ultimately, customers should feel that we are acting in their interests and doing our best to turn their "problem" into a positive experience of success.
Accounting & Administration

Nicole Sauter

In my day-to-day work as an assistant accountant, I support the sales managers in addition to my work in accounting. It is important to me that I maintain clear and open communication with all my contacts and that we find solutions together, even in the case of challenging issues. Appreciation is also very important to me, both the appreciation I show my counterpart and the appreciation I receive. And I express this by trying to relieve my contact persons and not to burden them.
Senior Project Manager

Oliver Laubacher

Tolerance and mutual understanding is probably one of the key factors for the success of my work. As a Senior Project Manager, I deal with a wide variety of people and their wishes and ideas on a daily basis. I receive customer requirements, specify them and define them in more detail together with the customer. It's important to me that I ultimately see things through the customer's eyes, which makes it easier for us to reach the desired goal.
Marketing & Kommunikation

Andrea Zehnder

"You cannot not communicate" - that's why we enjoy creating the best possible software solutions for our customers to optimize their communication content. Especially as the person responsible for marketing & communication, I am extremely aware of this. That's why it's just as important to me to communicate with our own customers via the various channels in such a way that they receive the information they need in a simple and straightforward manner.
Requirements Engineer

Fabio Pitta

As a requirements engineer, I act as an intermediary between the project manager and the solution developer. Often, the most diverse personalities with diverse working methods clash. That's why it's important to me that we maintain a fair and respectful relationship and occasionally try to take the other person's point of view. Only with mutual understanding can we achieve our goals effectively as a team and satisfy our customers.
Senior Project Manager

Jean-Claude Schmid

"Creative spirit meets holistic mindset" - this approach reflects my task as project manager quite well. As the link between customer, partner and aclevion, it is always my ambition to achieve specified factual, deadline and/or cost targets. We can only achieve this if we initiate creative processes together with customers and partners and take a holistic view of projects. Every step brings us further, because "to stop learning is to stop creating".
Solution Developer

Philip Kobelt

It's important to me that you always stay in communication with customers and partners. You might not always expect that from a solution developer. But if you want to work in a solution-oriented and partnership-based manner, you can't avoid having many constructive discussions. Sometimes they are easier and sometimes a bit more difficult, but certainly always a step towards the goal.
Senior Project Manager

Lukas Brupbacher

As a Senior Project Manager, I maintain a lively exchange with customers and attach great importance to open, honest and, above all, personal customer contact. My diverse interests and my drive to constantly learn new things help me every day to easily and quickly classify the most diverse customer needs. In this way, sustainable system solutions are created together with the customer, which can be further developed and expanded at any time as needed.
Senior Project Manager & Key Account Manager

Michael Kohli

"I want to offer our customers not only what they want, but what they need". As the interface between business and technology, I therefore take on a wide variety of positions in order to understand customers' needs precisely and set clear goals together with them. It's fun every time to see how great projects and solutions develop from constructive workshops.
Solution Consultant

Ruben Wey

The big challenge for me as a solution consultant and presales is to give customers an initial, tangible overview of the diversity of our system solutions. They should be able to see and understand in a short time what can be sustainably optimized with a - at first glance - complex communication system. Often, this is the beginning of a dynamic growth process, since it is only with getting to know each other that the needs can be concretized.
Solution Developer

Marc Diem

As a Solution Developer I am the contact person for colleagues as well as customers in all technical matters. I like to deal with tricky requirements in product implementations. It is important to me that we work closely together in the team as well as with our customers, and that we work together as equals to achieve our goals in a solution- and success-oriented manner. Because in the end, both the customer and we ourselves should be satisfied with the result.
Solution Developer

Evgueni Kounik

"I do not solve problems, I look for solutions" - I enjoy working hard for our customers and building the best possible software solution. This also includes being open to innovations, constantly acquiring new knowledge and thus staying on the ball. Ultimately, the software should support our customers in a meaningful way and, above all, relieve them in the longterm.
Solution Developer

Christiane Schmidt

Solution Developer

Nick Zocher

As a solution developer, my goal is to understand where our customers see themselves in a few years' time in terms of their communications. To achieve this, I like to take different perspectives and develop a solution together with the customer. It should optimally support the users in their daily work with communication content and, if desired, be expandable and extendable without any problems.
Requirements Engineer

Michael Zwicker

As a requirements engineer, I always focus on the customer's interest. Therefore, it is important to me to maintain good and personal communication with customers and partners and to remain open to other views and opinions. In a project, different business and personal cultures collide. And it is precisely these that must be shaped step by step into a functioning unit or system solution.
Consulting & Projektmanagement

Ralf Trapp

In life, things sometimes do not go the way you would like them to. But if you look back at some point, you realize that precisely such situations are key experiences in life. Crossroads that open up new possibilities. In my life, I have learned not to fight against such events, but to accept them and grow from them. And that's how I support my customers today with their software changes - I show them new ways and possibilities and grow together with them.

Ralf Trapp works as an external employee for aclevion.


Sascha Tossut

I like to approach things with a positive attitude. That also helps me in my job as a supporter. Because it's great when you can do a well-founded situation analysis of their concerns together with the customer and come to a positive result together. That strengthens the customer relationship even more.
Solution Developer

Roman Agapkin


Understanding exactly where the shoe pinches with our customers has always been fun for me. Especially when we were able to develop the right fitting with our team.

Jürg Weber, CEO aclevion AG

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