ESA relies on the support of aclevion AG for all topics related to product information. Together, we develop the system conceptually in stages and then implement it in phases. The solution is a flexible product information management system (PIM) based on a semantic digital asset management platform. In concrete terms, the product management and marketing departments can coordinate content requirements and create, add to and extract them on a workflow basis.

Product communication simultaneously provides information for flyers, catalogues and the e-commerce channel and initiates corresponding workflows. The agencies involved – including external ones – access the central system and are led to the desired and prepared processes. Both communication breakdowns and tedious, isolated communication processes are eliminated. Further expansion steps are already in the pipeline, and will be managed via backlog. We are excited that we can be a part of this project.


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censhare Product Information Management (PIM)

censhare Product Information Management manages extensive product data and enables you to create precise sales content and marketing data in record time. Thanks to censhare’s PIM, you can maintain your product master data in a targeted manner and automatically update the content on websites, in online shops, on mobile apps, in print materials and POS applications.

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censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM)

censhare Digital Asset Management centrally stores a single data record for each file, which can be used by all teams. Each file can be flexibly linked with all relevant information, such as target group, source, usage rights or other information. This allows teams to intuitively search for the desired content independently of each other.

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censhare Content Management (CMS)

The censhare Content Management System makes it easy to create media-neutral content and transform it automatically for all channels: websites, online shops, apps, marketing automation, digital advertising and print. In censhare, content can be translated and localised directly. The flexible API enables external applications to access the centrally stored content.

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censhare Headless CMS (HCMS)

The censhare Headless CMS enables an easy exchange of information between censhare and other systems, applications and apps as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). This promotes customer loyalty and as a result, the relationship with partners can be built and strengthened.

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With the integration of censhare, we have achieved significantly faster, simpler and more flexible processes for data management and distribution overall.

Christine Wälchli, ESABusiness Analyst


ESA is the leading purchasing organization of the Swiss automobile and motor vehicle industry. Founded in 1930, the cooperatively organized company has been owned by its actual customers and thus 7,000 co-owners, for 90 years.

With the central purchasing, manufacturing and distribution of all articles and services required in the car and motor vehicle trade, the co-owners make a major contribution to its success.

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