In the highly competitive field of advertising, Migros needs to act efficiently and effectively in order to react quickly, to rapidly changing market needs. Media-neutral data management, highly automated processes and channel-specific data delivery are crucial. Aclevion has been successfully advising and supporting Migros for over 10 years.

The system solution utilised for this purpose, has been continuously developed together with Migros: from a simple DAM to a comprehensive editorial system for the print and point-of-sale communication, not only for Migros but also the specialist markets melectronics, Do it + Garden and Micasa. Today, with over 30 interfaces, the system solution is deeply integrated and plays a key role in the system’s architecture of Migros.

A central area is the processing of promotional data. Promotional data and product data are imported into MDB+ via the SAP action planning system and the Migros production information system. They go through a media-neutral and highly automated approval process with various stakeholders involved. After their approval, the promotional data is played out channel-specifically.

The promotional data is simultaneously and automatically placed in a large variety of print and point-of-sale templates. In parallel, several responsible production agencies create a high volume of print communication, such as flyers, advertisements and posters as well as point-of-sale communication, for Migros and the specialist stores, directly in the system solution used on a weekly basis. The latter is collected in an automated process, specifically tailored to the needs of the individual branches and their product ranges and then delivered directly to the branches.

For product photography and the associated photo shoots, a specially designed photo briefing process was created, which enables the briefings to be created efficiently and simply. The system is also involved in the automated processing of the Cumulus coupons, with output for print, online and checkout. Migros successfully uses the system to create, translate and manage thousands of recipes. The complex and elaborate recipe workflows help the authors to achieve higher quality and work efficiency. The semi-automated translation and calculation logics further simplify the processing. Neutral data management allows recipes to be published on print and web via a specific recipe API. The data can then be published on the popular migusto.ch website.

Thanks to our partnership of many years and the experience we have gained through the business requirements of Migros and the specialist stores, we are able to provide you with comprehensive advice and support. We can support you in the entire further development process, from the description of requirements to the conception and realisation, as well as the introduction and operation.

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Migros wurde 1925 gegründet und entwickelte sich seither zum grössten Einzelhandelsunternehmen der Schweiz. Heute erwirtschaften gegen 100’000 Mitarbeitende jährlich rund CHF 30 Mrd. Das genossenschaftlich organisierte Unternehmen ist schweizweit tätig und mit zehn regionalen Genossenschaften und rund 2.3 Millionen Mitgliedern flächendeckend vertreten.

Zum Migroskonzern gehören Supermärkte, Fachmärkte und diverse Industriebetriebe sowie Handelsfirmen und Reiseunternehmen. Die Migros gehört zu den vertrauenswürdigsten Marken der Schweiz.

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