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For over more than 10 years, Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company AG has relied on the partnership with aclevion (former censhare (Schweiz) AG) to continuously expand various applications in the area of marketing services.

The continuous development from a simple DAM and workflow management system for marketing to a comprehensive content hub with various automations, led to a deep integration in diverse areas of the company.

Die Mobiliar uses censhare to manage marketing relevant locationdata company data, employee information and profiles, sales support documents, various brand elements and the extensive imagery.

By means of the marketing portal – based on the censhare online channel – marketing content is made available to a broad audience such as general agencies, management staff or external partners in a user-defined manner.

Sample applications, downloads and guides are available with the target group-specific products. Further links take users to additional tools with which they can carry out their marketing work. Further practical applications in the portal include an image database and e-library with sales support documents and the separate self-service area also offers numerous templates for advertising material. Users can thus easily create professionally prepared documents such as invitations, factsheets, advertisements, etc. with individual content.


Sales Support Documents


Advertising Material generated in Self-Service




censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM)

censhare Digital Asset Management centrally stores a single data record for each file, which can be used by all teams. Each file can be flexibly linked with all relevant information, such as target group, source, usage rights or other information. This allows teams to intuitively search for the desired content independently of each other.

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censhare Content Management (CMS)

The censhare Content Management System makes it easy to create media-neutral content and transform it automatically for all channels: websites, online shops, apps, marketing automation, digital advertising and print. In censhare, content can be translated and localised directly. The flexible API enables external applications to access the centrally stored content.

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censhare Headless CMS (HCMS)

The censhare Headless CMS enables an easy exchange of information between censhare and other systems, applications and apps as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). This promotes customer loyalty and as a result, the relationship with partners can be built and strengthened.

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With aclevion, we have a very reliable partner who meets our quality standards and is willing to go the extra mile. It is an enormous pleasure for us to be able to work with the aclevion staff."

Nadia Gerber, die MobiliarProduct Owner, Marketing Portal


Die Mobiliar is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland. It is anchored in a cooperative structure. The economic performance is specifically geared to customers, who – instead of dividends to shareholders – receive voluntary profit participation annually. As a result, several million Swiss francs regularly flow back to policyholders through premium reductions. Additionally, die Mobiliar also supports prevention projects in communities and climate research, promotes art projects and is active in sports sponsoring. With a premium income of over CHF 4 billion, Mobiliar is one of the leading insurance companies in the Swiss market. Swiss francs play a role in Mobiliar occupying a leading position within the Swiss market. Every third household and more than every third company is insured with Mobiliar.

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