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We develop and implement customized solutions for digital communication and marketing. Consistent and automated on all channels and in all languages.


We have many years of in-depth knowledge in consulting, design, integration and support of a wide range of system solutions in the field of digital communication.

(Headless) Content Hub

The future of content management for your business

Today, the efficient organization and publication of content is a crucial success factor for companies. The increasing number of channels, formats and platforms is just as challenging as the changing habits and expectations of customers and consumers. This is where Content Hubs come into play – comprehensive software solutions with which companies bundle all content for their internal and external communication in a central location, organize it, and distribute it to different channels in a targeted manner.

What is a Content Hub?

A Content Hub is a holistic software solution that is the central hub for all of your company’s communication content and information. The platform allows you to efficiently create, edit, manage and share all types of content, be it text, images, videos or layouts. At the same time, a Content Hub enables seamless integration with your existing systems and workflows and, as a headless system, can also supply your existing output systems with content.

With censhare, we have over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing Content Hubs for companies of all kinds. We consult you on all aspects of your content processes and strategy and implement a suitable and sustainable solution for you, enabling you to increase your efficiency and take your communication to the next level.

The benefits of a content hub

  • Efficient content management: With a Content Hub, you have full control over your content at all times. You can easily organize, categorize, and tag it, making it much easier to find and reuse.
  • Multichannel publishing: A Content Hub allows you to effortlessly integrate your content into a variety of communication channels. Whether it’s website, social media, email marketing, offer promotion, or internal documentation, you can distribute your messages in a targeted and timely manner.
  • Automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI): The integrated AI supports you on all levels of content planning, creation, management and publishing: Automatically suggest actions for your campaigns, classify products, create and proofread texts, analyze and categorize images and much more.
  • Consistent brand messaging: By managing your content centrally, you ensure that your brand messages are consistent and uniform, regardless of where they are published.
  • Time and cost savings: A Content Hub optimizes the content creation process and significantly reduces the time required. This not only saves time, but also resources and costs.
  • Data-driven decisions: By analyzing content performance data, you gain valuable insights into the preferences and needs of your target audience. This enables you to continuously optimize your content and make better decisions.
  • Security and privacy: Content Hubs provide robust security mechanisms to protect your sensitive information. You can define exactly who can access what content, meeting your organization’s compliance requirements.

Product Information Management (PIM/PXM)

Consistent product information and impressive product experiences for your business success

Today, many companies not only use a wide variety of channels, but also have to engage their target groups in a fragmented decision-making and sales process. Reliable product information and winning customer experiences are of crucial importance here. Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Experience Management (PXM) are comprehensive solutions that enable companies not only to efficiently manage product information centrally, but also to create inspiring product experiences.

What is Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Experience Management (PXM)?

Product Information Management (PIM) systems are advanced software solutions that centrally consolidate, manage and optimize product information from all your sources as a single point of truth. They enable companies to efficiently organize, refine and publish all types of product data, from technical specifications to marketing content, to all channels.

Product Experience Management (PXM), on the other hand, goes one step further and focuses on creating impressive product experiences for your customers. It also includes the ideal channel- and context-related presentation of products to optimize the individual buying experience.

As a partner of Akeneo, censhareContentserv and Eggheads we are not only PIM and PXM specialists, but also have the right software solution and experts on hand for every requirement. We offer customized PIM and PXM solutions as well as expertise and consulting around data handling and data governance, product information processes and the optimization of your product experiences.

The advantages of PIM & PXM

  • Consistent product information: With a PIM system, you have full control over your product information at all times, while PXM ensures that this information is presented in inspiring and engaging product experiences.
  • Automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI): Use AI prompts instead of manual work to classify products, create texts, extract keywords and automate many other tasks.
  • Multichannel publishing: Both solutions allow you to seamlessly integrate your product data into a variety of communication channels while ensuring quality and consistency.
  • Customer-centric product presentation: PXM focuses on designing product experiences that delight customers and optimize conversions as well as customer retention and customer lifetime value.
  • Time and cost savings: The automation of processes in both solutions leads to significant time and cost savings in the creation and publication of product information.
  • Data-driven decisions: Gain valuable insights into how your product information and product experiences are being used to continuously optimize your strategies.
  • Efficient content management: With PIM and PXM, you can easily organize, segment, and update your content to execute targeted marketing campaigns and deliver personalized product experiences.


Silet Gliss

Use Cases

System solutions

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Maximum control over your digital content

Digital content such as images, videos, graphics or documents are invaluable for companies to enrich their communication and shape it for their target audiences. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are powerful solutions that enable companies to centrally manage, organize and effectively use their digital assets in various marketing and communication campaigns.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is a software solution that serves as a central “single point of truth” for your digital content, as well as for all the people and systems that work with that content. A DAM system can be used on its own or integrated in the context of a broader Content Hub. It gives you all the capabilities you need to efficiently manage, categorize, search, edit, and share digital files in real time.

We have been implementing DAM systems and processes for many years, partly as stand-alone solutions and partly as the basis for companies’ overarching Content Hubs. With censhare and TESSA, we have specialized DAM solutions in our portfolio, and our PIM systems also offer specific DAM functions or can be integrated with them. We consult you on your data handling and your data processes, implement custom-fit solutions and integrate them into your system environment.

The advantages of a DAM system

  • Efficient management: Organize your digital assets in a well-structured and searchable database. This allows quick and easy access to the files you need.
  • Automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI): Integrated AI helps you optimize many areas of daily work: Have texts created, proofread, and transformed for target audiences, automatically analyze and categorize content and images, and much more.
  • Consistency and branding: Ensure compliance with your brand image and quality standards. This ensures that your digital assets are consistent and up-to-date, regardless of how they are used.
  • Save time: Automated management and distribution of digital assets saves time searching for and delivering files to various marketing and sales channels.
  • Better collaboration: Encourage collaboration by enabling team members to work together on files, provide feedback, and use approval processes.
  • Rights and access control: You have full control over the access rights of your digital assets. This lets you ensure that sensitive information is protected and only authorized users can access it.
  • Analytics and tracking: Get insights into how your digital assets are being used. You can see which files are used most and which are used less to use your resources more effectively.

Publishing Management

Full efficiency in advertising production and multichannel publishing

For many advertising materials, layouts still play a major role in addition to all digital channels, e.g., for the product catalog, the customer magazine or a variety of campaign formats. And increasingly, these advertising materials also need to be integrated into digital marketing processes and automated as best as possible. Publishing management systems offer innovative solutions not only to automate the production of advertising materials, but also to coordinate their publication in format-compliant ways across various media and channels.

What is Publishing Management?

Publishing Management systems are software solutions for managing, producing and publishing advertising materials. They link layout processes with digital assets and product information, enabling efficient control and automation. These solutions enable companies to efficiently plan, create, organize, and publish advertising materials in a variety of media formats and channels, whether in print or digital form.

We have many years of experience in the optimization and automation of publishing processes in advertising material production, catalog production and more. With censharepriint:suite, iPaper and Xpublisher our experts have two of the most powerful publishing systems at their disposal, which we use to implement customized solutions for you and optimize them for your processes.

The benefits of a Publishing Management solution

  • Automation of advertising media production: Fully or partially automated creation of print products enables optimization of all processes, even if the result is published in digital form.
  • Multichannel publishing: You can create content once and output it in channel-specific ways to multiple media channels, whether it’s your website, social media, email, POS, or other platforms. This ensures consistent brand communication across all channels.
  • Database Publishing: Link your content and product information to layout templates and let the system automatically create publications for product catalogs, price lists or data sheets.
  • Automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI): With the help of AI, you can automate and analyze processes as well as automatically transform and adapt content to different channels, formats, target groups or languages.
  • Regionalization and personalization: With variants, every component of a publication, from the entire layout to the individual image or text, can be automatically individualized and adapted to your customers, target groups, sales regions or markets.
  • Better collaboration: Different roles can work simultaneously on different elements of your publications, processes are parallelized, and production becomes not only faster, but also more efficient and secure.
  • Efficient content management: Organize, create, and manage your publications centrally, making it easy to reuse and update content.
  • Time and cost savings: By automating processes and being able to reuse content across multiple channels, you can achieve significant time and cost savings in ad production and publishing.
  • Consistency and accuracy: Publishing management solutions ensure compliance with your brand guidelines and ensure that content is published in the correct format and without errors.

Brand Management

Increase the success of your brand

Especially in the digital space, a strong brand has a significant impact on your customers’ willingness to buy and on their loyalty, and thus on your business success. With Brand Management solutions, companies can keep their brand assets consistent, offer brand portals for external target groups, make corporate identity (CI) and corporate design (CD) guidelines accessible, and provide web-to-print offerings for simple marketing materials.

What is Brand Management software?

Brand Management solutions are easy-to-use software platforms that control the management and maintenance of your brand identity. These solutions allow you to centrally organize your brand assets, communications, and design guidelines and ensure that they are consistent and always up-to-date across your entire organization and across all communication channels.

We have been designing and implementing Brand Management solutions and portals for our customers for many years. With censhare and Frontify, we have a powerful tool at our disposal that enables both customized user interfaces and completely individualized web applications. Our experts consult and support you in effectively managing and strengthening your brand identity with our solutions.

The benefits of Brand Management software

  • Consistency and compliance: Ensure that your brand assets, CI and CD guidelines, and communications materials are consistent and compliant with your brand standards at all times.
  • Efficient brand portals: Easily create brand portals for external audiences to engage your partners, suppliers and customers in the brand world and provide access to relevant resources.
  • Automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI): Use built-in AI to analyze and classify content, evaluate the usage of your brand assets, suggest appropriate content and resources, and optimize collaboration.
  • Ease of publication and accessibility: Easily publish CI and CD guidelines as well as all brand assets and make them accessible to all relevant stakeholders to ensure brand compliance.
  • Web-to-print: With web-to-print applications, even untrained audiences can quickly and easily create, personalize, and print marketing materials without compromising the integrity of your brand.
  • Save time and reduce costs: Automating brand management processes results in significant time and cost savings by speeding up the creation and customization of marketing materials and eliminating errors.
  • Analytics and reporting: Use tools to monitor the use of your brand assets and improve your brand management strategy.


System solutions

Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

Optimize planning, budgets, and resources for maximum marketing efficiency

Effective marketing, sponsoring and event management can make a decisive contribution to achieving growth and corporate goals. Marketing Resource Management (MRM) plays a central role here. Innovative solutions ensure transparency in planning, budgets, resources and campaigns. They help companies to optimally plan, organize, control and evaluate their marketing resources in order to achieve efficient campaigns and outstanding results.

What is Marketing Resource Management (MRM)?

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems are software solutions that serve as a central platform for planning and managing all of your company’s marketing resources. These solutions enable you to efficiently plan, manage, analyze and optimize marketing plans and campaigns, budgets and costs, tasks, content and teams.

We rely on Marmind, toolpilots MATE and censhare to help companies plan their campaigns, make the best use of marketing resources and achieve outstanding results. We offer tailored consulting and solutions as well as the expertise to optimize your marketing processes and achieve your marketing goals.

The advantages of an MRM solution

  • Campaign and task management: Effectively plan, track, and analyze your marketing campaigns and measures to maximize success and manage everyone’s tasks and assignments.
  • Efficient budget and cost planning: Plan and manage your budget with maximum transparency and track all cost types relevant to your processes.
  • Measurement and analytics: Monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns to gain insights and make continuous improvements.
  • Time and cost savings: Automate processes, reduce manual tasks, and increase productivity, resulting in significant time and cost savings.
  • Automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI): The integrated AI supports you in a variety of daily tasks: Let AI suggest suitable measures from the desired marketing mix for your campaigns, create elaborated content calendars or generate agency briefings at the push of a button.
  • Team collaboration: Encourage collaboration between marketing teams by improving communication and workflows.
  • Central asset management: You can centrally organize marketing content, images, videos, and campaign materials to ensure they are always up-to-date and easily accessible.


System solutions


We can give you comprehensive, skilled and individual advice, making our focus the implementation and ongoing development of clever, sustainable and digital solutions.


Honest and competent advice is an essential part of the work with our customers. Our business consultants support them in analyzing and improving their data and marketing processes. In addition to ongoing consulting, we offer neutral process consulting on marketing, product, media data and publishing processes as well as comprehensive as-is and requirements analyses. In this way, we not only make existing business processes visible, but also re-model them on this basis to meet current and future requirements in the best possible way. All our consultants have extensive experience in technical implementation as well as in the associated organizational change processes. They have themselves been responsible for the implementation and support of system solutions on the customer side and are familiar with the needs of our customers’ various stakeholders.

Project Management

When integrating a system solution, we support you throughout the entire process of the system implementation, including downstream system support. Our team consists of experienced project managers who can demonstrate broad and long-standing expertise in the successful integration of digital system solutions, in the manufacturing, retail and service provider sectors. Projects are mainly implemented using Agile, Scrum, SaFe, etc.

Our range of services include:

  • Project Management
  • Project coordination and project control
  • Requirements engineering
  • System configuration
  • Solution development and interface development
  • User Training
  • System support and User support


A well thought-out and broadly coordinated conceptual design is the “be-all and end-all” for the long-term success of a new system solution. Which is why we – together with you – develop the best possible solution. We focus on a clear clarification of needs in order to initiate the best possible implementation.

Our in-house experts have extensive theoretical knowledge and many years of practical experience. To achieve the best results, we involve future project management, requirements engineering and solution architects, already in the concept phase.


When setting up system solutions, we attach great importance to understanding the entire use case down to the smallest detail and refrain from looking only at pure functional steps, development phases or configuration points. For this purpose, a dedicated team of experts is at your disposal, consisting of a project manager, requirements engineer, solution architect and a solution developer, depending on your needs. The team is already involved during the concept phase to ensure efficient and targeted project development.


Your satisfaction and well-being are important cornerstones for us and are among, if not the most important factors of our success. Therefore, we offer different service level agreements (SLA) in coordination with our system suppliers. Our support team has direct contact with the respective customer-specific aclevion integration or support teams and can therefore provide efficient and secure system support. In addition, the global know-how pool of our system supplier is available to our support team at any time.


Perfectly coordinated user training, during the introduction of new or adapted system solutions, forms the basis for successful software usage and promotes system user acceptance. Since we are not only passionate about the technology, but also understand very well what the challenges can be during a system introduction, we offer individual key user trainings and user trainings, tailored to your needs.

Use Cases

Technology Partner.

We rely on leading suppliers, the latest technology and the best fit for our customers.

We have been an Akeneo Solution Partner since 2023.


Product Cloud

Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) helping businesses with products to sell, to unlock growth opportunities by creating a single source of truth for product information and delivering a consistent and compelling omnichannel product experience.

Thousands of people around the world leverage the Akeneo PXM Studio including its PIM, platform, add-ons, connectors and Marketplace, to dramatically improve product data quality and accuracy, simplify catalog management, and accelerate the sharing of product information across channels and locales.

We have been a censhare Platinum Partner since our foundation and have been providing censhare implementation and consulting services since 2007.

Content HubPIMDAMPublishing ManagementBrand ManagementMarketing Resource Management

Omnichannel Content Plattform

The proven omnichannel content platform lets you master your content in any language, locally or globally, to provide a consistent omnichannel customer experience.

Clients like Allianz, Lands’ End, Dyson, Christie’s and hundreds more rely on censhare to deliver brand- accurate, up-to-date content, and make the most of every opportunity to reach the right customer at the right time.

censhare comes with fully integrated Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management and Content Management to enable your organization to master your content.

We have been a Contentserv Partner since 2022 and an Excellent Service and Support Partner since 2023.


Product Experience Cloud

Product experience management without limits: With the Product Experience Cloud, Contentserv offers an AI-supported, intuitive cloud solution that companies can use to create exceptional product experiences — on-brand, omnichannel, and customer-centric.

Where previously marketers, IT specialists, and global product teams invested immense effort in managing product data, Contentserv ensures pure efficiency: Automated product data in one central location and seamlessly integrated feedback from all channels enable manufacturers and retailers to use their content more successfully and sustainably increase sales — B2C and B2B.

We have been an eggheads Partner since 2024.


Product Information Management

The eggheads Suite is a PIM software including PXM, MDM and publishing functions. The multichannel solution supports companies from a wide range of industries in revolutionizing their own product communication, creating leading product experiences and securing their competitiveness for the future.

ATAMYA is the simple and innovative PIM solution for smart product data – flexible, scalable and cloud-native. ATAMYA supports you in a wide range of tasks relating to product information and data management, from collecting, centralising and managing product information to enriching and distributing data to a wide variety of channels.

We have been a Frontify partner since 2023.

Brand ManagementDAM

Brand Management Platform

Frontify makes it easy to manage and increase visibility to all of your brand, creative, design, and marketing materials.

Frontify is a cloud-based software that consolidates your DAM, brand guidelines, creative templates, and design system into a single tool. Discover a single source of truth for everything – and everyone – brand related. Build entry points to a platform of assets and templates, where teams of all shapes and sizes come together.

Frontify’s highly rated brand portal capabilities and intuitive interface allows you to quickly increase adoption throughout your entire organization to maximize ROI.

We have been an iPaper partner since 2023.

Publishing Management

Flipbook Solution

iPaper is a SaaS company offering a second-to-none online flipbook solution. Helping global B2C, B2B & Enterprise brands take advantage of their printed catalogs, online. With iPaper you’ll be able to get more out of the investments made in print and optimize them for the digital world. No matter if you are in B2B or B2C, iPaper is an effective tool to utilize your digital catalogs in your online marketing strategy, engage with customers, cut costs, increase lead gen or boost eCommerce conversions.

The platform can be highly automated, and connected with various print management tools which smooth the process from static PDF to digitalized catalog. If you want to test it on your material, we can help you out with a free trial.

We have been a Marmind partner since 2023.

Marketing Resource Management

Marketing Resource Management

MARMIND is a leading international provider of Marketing Resource Management solutions designed to empower marketers to optimize resources and maximize their results.

MARMIND allows marketing teams to create seamless workflows across point solutions, departments, and locations, enabling AI-driven resource allocation, better coordination across teams, and smarter investment decisions. Combining plans, budgets, and results in one platform,

MARMIND enables global brands, such as Deutsche Telekom, Daimler, and Ernsting’s family, to gain full control over their marketing.

We have been a MPP.360 Consulting Partner since 2024.

Content Hub

Marketing Production Automation

With the cloud-based SaaS marketing production platform MPP.360, companies standardize and automate their end-to-end marketing production processes – from ordering and briefing to quality assurance and the finished advertising material.

MPP.360 enables successful marketing production automation for the highly efficient and fast creation and provision of digital and printed marketing and sales materials.

As a central production platform, MPP.360 takes control of omnichannel marketing productions through perfect, orchestrated interaction between marketing teams, specialist departments, partners or agencies and the seamless integration of core marketing systems such as DAM, PIM, CRM or CMS.

We have been a priint Group Solution Partner since 2022.

Publishing Management

Publishing Platform

With the priint:suite, publishing processes are automated in order to be prepared for all modern requirements.

The various components of the priint:suite enable companies to integrate a wide variety of data sources such as ERP, PIM, MDM, DAM, CRM, CMS web stores or MRM systems and to make this data usable for any type of publishing project in the plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign®, InDesign Server and Illustrator®, among others.

The modular structure and full scalability of the priint:suite enable cost-effective and successful automation of publishing processes for companies of any size.

We have been a TESSA Implementation Partner since 2023.


Enterprise Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management with TESSA ideally supports manufacturers and retailers in managing all digital media. Media workflows such as approval and editing processes can be set up and managed in TESSA. There is also a comprehensive rights and role management.

TESSA can be used standalone or in combination with a PIM. We offer the deployment options SaaS, on-premise installation and private cloud. With numerous available connectors (CDN, Adobe Cloud, Akeneo, etc.) and plugins, TESSA can be integrated into the existing system landscape.

We have been a toolpilots partner since 2023.

Marketing Resource Management

Marketing Resource Management

Plan and control your marketing faster, leaner and more efficiently. Without time-consuming Excel spreadsheet chaos. With toolpilots MATE you can record, budget, control and report on your marketing activities at all times, in parallel and everywhere. Increase the productivity and commitment of your team through smart, automated workflows and optimize the performance of your activities.

The Marketing Resource Management system enables and includes marketing planning, budget and cost management, task management, file management as well as analysis and reporting. The system offers numerous interfaces to ERP, project management, collaboration, automation, analytics and publishing tools.

We have been an Fabasoft Xpublisher partner since 2022.

Publishing ManagementDAM

Multichannel Publishing Platform

Fabasoft Xpublisher  is a leader in the field of multichannel publishing, offering products that enable workflow-centric content creation, content management in a content pool, and automated publishing to virtually any media platform.

Xpublisher was founded in 2009 and is based in Munich, Germany. The company operates a US subsidiary and has been part of the Fabasoft Group since 2019. Numerous leading international companies and organizations in the publishing, aerospace, technology, education, and public administration sectors together with a host of other industries have already placed their trust in the Fabasoft Xpublisher products.

Network Partner.

A reliable network of experts to flexibly expand our capacities.

Rates and Conditions.

Here you can find our rates and applicable conditions. For annual order volumes, an individual offer can be agreed.

Service Rates

On-site or remote according to time spend:

Consulting: CHF 1’800/day
Project Management: CHF 1’800/day
Requirements Engineering: CHF 1’800/day
Development: CHF 1’600/day
Database Templating: CHF 1’600/day
Support: CHF 1’600/day

aclevion is entitled to adjust the agreed prices for recurring services at the beginning of each calendar year. All prices are exclusive of value added tax.

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