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Automated product catalogs in 10 languages

What previously took days of work is now done in a matter of hours. The integrated production workflow based on a central Product Information Management (PIM) system creates catalog variants in no time at all. Product managers maintain and update the product data in the PIM system themselves, allowing designers to concentrate fully on their actual work. The system is so simple that catalog creation can take place without external support.

All product data is stored centrally in the PIM system and automatically updated in the different language variations of the catalog – of course, always in the correct language. Even the right degree of automation and graphic sophistication is maintained: Graphics or special tables are conventionally pre-produced and incorporated into InDesign layouts. The creation of language variants, then, takes place almost automatically with just a few clicks.

The result: In the past, creating catalog in 5 languages was a huge administrative undertaking. Now, catalog in 10 languages are created within a short period of time. Product managers have direct influence and access to the content of the catalog. And the time to market has significantly decreased.


The Leister Group portfolio includes around 450 products with approximately 2,200 items. Each product description includes numerous features with 300-400 references to further data and information. The Leister Group globally markets all this information in 10 different languages which means producing marketing materials comes with a high level of data complexity.

Together with aclevion, the Leister Group had already synchronized the product information into a central Product Information Management system (PIM) for all brands, channels and languages. This product information then had to be integrated into the global product catalog and to efficiently design and automate its production.


time savings in production


transparency on the manufacturing process


languages produced with one workflow

2,200 items, 10 languages and 1 workflow

The catalog with around 160 pages features a mix of marketing content as well as the actual product information. The basic layout is made up of both fully automated as well as designed sections.

aclevion developed the workflow and automation in close cooperation with Leister, specifically tailored to their needs and resulting in a partially automated production process as the best possible solution.

Thanks to innovative systems, we can now deliver product data and media assets in high and consistent quality across the entire Leister Group and in all relevant channels.

Lukas Odermatt, Leister AGHead of Corporate Business Development and Strategic Marketing


censhare Product Information Management (PIM)

censhare Product Information Management manages extensive product data and enables you to create precise sales content and marketing data in record time. Thanks to censhare’s PIM, you can maintain your product master data in a targeted manner and automatically update the content on websites, in online shops, on mobile apps, in print materials and POS applications.

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censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM)

censhare Digital Asset Management centrally stores a single data record for each file, which can be used by all teams. Each file can be flexibly linked with all relevant information, such as target group, source, usage rights or other information. This allows teams to intuitively search for the desired content independently of each other.

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censhare Content Management (CMS)

The censhare Content Management System makes it easy to create media-neutral content and transform it automatically for all channels: websites, online shops, apps, marketing automation, digital advertising and print. In censhare, content can be translated and localised directly. The flexible API enables external applications to access the centrally stored content.

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About Leister AG

The Leister Group is a globally leading technology company with headquarters in Central Switzerland. Leister Technologies AG, part of the Leister Group, develops and manufactures products for processing plastics and generating industrial process heat under the brand names Leister and Weldy. Axetris AG, which also belongs to the Leister Group, is a market leader in micro-optics and gas sensor technology. The Leister Group brands are recognized globally for their quality, reliable partnership and strong customer focus. More than 950 employees in 8 countries and 130 sales partners provide local service around the globe. For over 70 years the Leister Group’s goal has been to improve people’s quality of life – with innovative products, services and new technologies.

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