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Intuitive planning system for all standard advertising media

In the past, the production of standard advertising materials involved dozens of systems, departments, and agencies, and required coordination via meetings, phone calls and e-mails. Based on the central censhare Content Hub, those responsible for marketing and communications now plan their advertising materials in just a few intuitive and user-friendly steps, very similar to the creation of an online photo book.

With the help of ready-made templates, they create the required flyers, advertisements, and posters all by themselves for each production week – quickly, error-free, and automated. With a system-supported workflow, they enter all content, texts, and images directly in the system and create the national and regional offers simply by dragging and dropping them onto the created pages. The production agency thus receives ready-planned and translated layouts, which they optimize, design, and export directly in the system before printing.

Today, the responsible employees have the entire process in their own hands, in a single system with full transparency on the progress of planning. Planning reliability has been increased enormously, the risk of errors has been reduced, and a lot of redundant work has been stopped. Finally, the high degree of automation has shortened time-to-market and significantly reduced external costs.


The previous process to produce standard advertising materials for Migros included several systems (SAP, Excel, InDesign, e-mail, etc.), which resulted in redundant data storage and redundant work. The risk of errors was high, and the process was costly, tying up many internal and external resources.

As part of a program to completely redesign its standard advertising materials, Migros decided to also optimize their planning, design and production using a system-based approach. After a market evaluation, the choice fell on the censhare platform already in use and on aclevion as the system integrator for the conception and set-up of the additionally required processes and functions.


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A wide variety of advertising materials produced with 300 pages a week

In each production week, the marketing managers plan and produce a wide range of standard advertising materials such as flyers or advertisements and posters for individual markets, both nationally and regionally.

The planning system provides them with a central and intuitive tool for all production steps.

With the page planning tool, the processes for the creation of the weekly, advertising material of the offer and POP communication are organized consistently, centrally, and collaboratively. With the connection to all relevant systems, this enables resource-optimized and consistent communication across all touchpoints with the direct involvement of all participating stakeholders.

Patrik LutherHead of Sales Promotions Producing, Marketing Communications Directorate, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

System Solution


censhare has fully integrated digital asset management, product information management and content management to help you to master your content. Companies like Allianz, Lands’ End, Dyson, Christie’s and hundreds more rely on censhare for on-brand, always up-to-date content, taking advantage of every opportunity to reach the right customers at the right time.

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About Migros

Migros was founded in 1925 and has since become the market leader in the Swiss retail sector. Today, the approximately 98,000 employees generate around 29 billion Swiss francs annually. The cooperatively organized company is active throughout Switzerland and has a nationwide presence with ten regional cooperatives and around 2,3 million members.

The Migros Group includes supermarkets, specialist stores, various industrial operations, as well as trading and travel companies. Migros is one of the most trusted brands in Switzerland.

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