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Streamline internal work processes with PIM

As the market-leading provider of over-the-counter medicines in Switzerland, the company sells more than 1,700 medicines, health and beauty products. This places enormous demands on the internal marketing teams, who not only have to administer and manage this variety of products, but also prepare them for the sales partners in the specialist trade and provide professional sales advice with practical training.

Although the company is a market leader in many respects, there were no fixed standards for handling product data. As a result, important data was lost when employees left the company, for example. This caused considerable damage to the company as well as avoidable additional costs because advertising materials, presentations etc. had to be recreated several times over the years.

These problems had to be solved by introducing a system-supported common standard – both in terms of processes and general data quality. In the end, Contentserv was able to convince them – primarily thanks to the system’s wide range of functions and flexibility. This meant that the PIM solution could be tailored precisely to the company’s very specific requirements. Without any of the compromises that often have to be accepted when introducing ready-made software solutions.

Today, the PIM system is closely interlinked with the ERP system, which was introduced at the same time and was also set up according to very specific criteria – so that the two systems now complement each other perfectly. In addition, it is directly connected to various web stores and, as the leading system, controls the communication of all product information. The creation of advertising material has also been integrated and drastically optimized: It used to take around two months to create the annual product brochure – with grueling processes across all departments and in cooperation with external agencies. After investing in the new software and developing an appropriate template, external support is no longer necessary. And the product brochure is created fully automatically in a single minute.


Previously, the five marketing departments within VERFORA either worked with a self-developed structure or without a clear system for handling product data. Information was only stored locally, was difficult to find and was often lost, meaning that it sometimes had to be re-produced several times.

The new PIM solution was primarily intended to serve VERFORA as a future basis for storing all relevant data in a central location (“single source of truth” concept) and optimizing the processes for handling product information. A key idea behind the transformation was also to expand VERFORA’s market leadership in terms of how and at what technical level the company operates.

The solution was implemented for VERFORA by Stämpfli Kommunikation in 2020 and has been managed and further developed by aclevion since 2023.


instead of 2 months production time




digital assets

Three quick clicks to the desired information

Today, the impact of the PIM introduction is clearly noticeable: the establishment of standardized processes ensures efficiency and high data quality. The template-based creation of advertising materials ensures an efficient and cost-saving way of working.

And all information can be found easily with a maximum of three entries. This means that the data losses of the past have been overcome once and for all.

In the past, the entire process of creating our product brochure took around two months. Today, we can proudly say that the print-ready brochure can be created within a minute. A great example of how you can make something really efficient and extremely fast.

Christoph HüsemannHead of Marketing Services VERFORA



Contentserv’s Product Experience Cloud makes it easy for brands, manufacturers and retailers to manage and optimize product content – thanks to a central, easy-to-use cloud solution. Optimized product content makes it possible: instead of struggling with incomplete data, teams use the time gained to create comprehensive, relevant and emotional product experiences. This strengthens their brand and ultimately inspires their customers.

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The company

VERFORA is the market-leading provider of over-the-counter medicines in Switzerland. Over 1,700 medicines, health and care products, including 100 own brands, are sold exclusively through pharmacies, drugstores and therapy facilities. VERFORA relies on a close network and professional sales advice with practical training for its sales partners.

VERFORA has been part of Galenica Ltd. since 1977. With over 7,000 employees and annual sales of 4 billion Swiss francs (2022), it is the largest pharmaceutical logistics company in Switzerland.

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