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Network meeting with insights into solutions, experiences and best practices

Many of our customers have asked for a cross-industry exchange of experiences in a closed format. And with the first aclevion Exchange event on January 25 in Zurich, we delivered exactly that.

We are pleased that we were able to get four well-known companies to present their solutions and experiences right at the beginning. And that so many of our customers came to learn and listen.

Migros provided a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the promotional magazine «Migros Woche», which is published every week in 3 languages and with over 100 national promotions, supplemented by the offers of the regional cooperatives. The Migros experts guided the guests through the solution which was newly implemented by aclevion. And they showcased how Migros reduces costs, makes optimal use of resources and delivers all advertising material error-free.

Swiss Post uses our solution to plan thousands of campaigns and communication measures across the company and coordinate them with a central content hub. Our guests learned how this has led to significantly more impact in Swiss Post’s communication in an exciting presentation including a live demo of the system, with many experiences, best practices and an outlook on the planned further development.

The Swiss Mobiliar insurance company, on the other hand, focused on its end users and its integrated marketing portal. With an intuitive web interface, the solution provides general agency users with thousands of advertising materials from hundreds of templates in self-service. It’s a solution that has enabled Mobiliar to reduce design efforts while increasing the quantity, quality, and speed of its promotional materials.

Geberit is working with aclevion to implement a central content repository. The system is already being used as a DAM system and to produce all catalogs and will be expanded step by step into other communication areas. The challenges along this way and the experience and advice that Geberit has already been able to gather were presented to the guests in a very practical and entertaining way.

The presentations were not only professional and impressive in the scope of the solutions presented. Above all, they were also open, honest and extremely instructive and led to many lively discussions and interested networking among each other afterwards – precisely what the customers had wanted from each other.

Now, the exchange has started and the next aclevion Exchange Event is already being planned!