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Digital Asset Management | Headless Content Hub | Product Information Management | Multi-channel publishing applications

We can give you comprehensive, skilled and individual advice, making our focus the implementation and ongoing development of clever, sustainable and digital solutions. We are therefore pleased to count companies such as Alnatura, BLS, Chocolat Halba, ESA, Geberit, Globus Magazin, Migros MGB, Migros M-electronics, Migros Do It Garden, Micasa, Leister Technologies, Manor, Die Mobiliar, OfficeWorld, Die Post, SwissRe, Sanitas and many more among our long-standing customers.


Offering you neutral and honest advice is very important to us. Because only when you are satisfied, are we also satisfied. Our team has an extensive knowledge of digital system solutions for media file management and multichannel communication and in addition, many years of practical experience. Our advantage: Many of our employees were responsible for the implementation and support of digital system solutions on the client side and therefore know the various pain points of what such projects entail. This all-round view enables us to understand and offer excellent support not only concerning the challenges of the technical implementation of digital system solutions, but also with the associated change process on the client side and for the involved stakeholders.

Project Management

When integrating a system solution, we support you throughout the entire process of the system implementation, including downstream system support. Our team consists of experienced project managers who can demonstrate broad and long-standing expertise in the successful integration of digital system solutions, in the manufacturing, retail and service provider sectors. Projects are mainly implemented using Agile, Scrum, SaFe, etc.

Our range of services include:

  • Project Management
  • Project coordination and project control
  • Requirements engineering
  • System configuration
  • Solution development and interface development
  • User Training
  • System support and User support


A well thought-out and broadly coordinated conceptual design is the “be-all and end-all” for the long-term success of a new system solution. Which is why we – together with you – develop the best possible solution. We focus on a clear clarification of needs in order to initiate the best possible implementation.

Our in-house experts have extensive theoretical knowledge and many years of practical experience. To achieve the best results, we involve future project management, requirements engineering and solution architects, already in the concept phase.


When setting up system solutions, we attach great importance to understanding the entire use case down to the smallest detail and refrain from looking only at pure functional steps, development phases or configuration points. For this purpose, a dedicated team of experts is at your disposal, consisting of a project manager, requirements engineer, solution architect and a solution developer, depending on your needs. The team is already involved during the concept phase to ensure efficient and targeted project development.


Your satisfaction and well-being are important cornerstones for us and are among, if not the most important factors of our success. Therefore, we offer different service level agreements (SLA) in coordination with our system suppliers. Our support team has direct contact with the respective customer-specific aclevion integration or support teams and can therefore provide efficient and secure system support. In addition, the global know-how pool of our system supplier is available to our support team at any time.


Perfectly coordinated user training, during the introduction of new or adapted system solutions, forms the basis for successful software usage and promotes system user acceptance. Since we are not only passionate about the technology, but also understand very well what the challenges can be during a system introduction, we offer individual key user trainings and user trainings, tailored to your needs.

Our Expertise.

We have many years of in-depth knowledge in consulting, design, integration and support of a wide range of system solutions in the field of digital communication.

Content Management / Content Hub

The overall solution for consistent multichannel management

Companies are using more and more channels simultaneously to provide their target groups with relevant content and information. This brings about different challenges. Content management requires stringent control of distribution. One solution for more efficiency and consistency is our “Headless Content Hub.” Read here how you can use it to make your content strategy a success on many channels simultaneously.

With the ever-increasing number of communication channels (website, e-Shop, social media, apps, digital signage, POS, IoT, print, etc.), companies are being faced with the challenge of keeping communication content such as, success stories and product, offer or service information, for all application areas, as centrally and stringently available as possible.

A single point of truth for all channels

Many companies use several system solutions for the respective communication channels. Even for related areas, such as the company website, intranet, partner net, special interest portals, etc., a variety of web content management system solutions are often used. Over the last few years, a number of different system solutions and technologies have been utilised by companies. These various system solutions require that communication content can always be provided for the respective technology. The relevant factor being that everything can be prepared and managed as efficiently as possible and in coordination with various contracting authorities. This means that, the system solutions are the single point of truth for all the different applications and are available at any time, depending on the technology.

Everything in order.

It is important to bear in mind that not only a multitude of system solutions must be operated, but also that the communication content itself contains a wide variety of characteristics and must be processed by different contractors. This includes, among other things, the preparation of various languages as well as managing a diversity of versions and variants.

The ideal solution for effective content management

For companies that want to live up to this challenge both today and in the future and who would also like to ensure that the effort of handling the communication content remains within a reasonable and manageable framework, the use of a headless content hub (“single point of truth”) is the ideal solution. In addition to the security of being able to centrally manage and provide the communication content for all multichannel uses, one also retains independence when new, complementary system solutions are added over the years or existing ones have to be replaced.

Your expert for guidance and integration

We have many years of extensive expertise in the establishment of digital asset management, product information and the general use of content management system solutions for multichannel use. We are therefore very familiar with the complexities and dependencies of handling different communication content (such as texts, product, recipe and promotion data, images, graphics, icons, logos, audio, videos as well as their meta and attribute data). We have already successfully implemented several Headless Content Hub projects for different companies from our well-known client base.

What are the benefits of a headless content hub?

  • Single point of truth for multichannel use
  • Central platform for preparing and managing communication content
    for all contracting authorities
  • Minimisation of redundant data
  • Secure and consistent data control
  • Control over the use of communication content
  • Flexibility in expanding to include new system solutions & technologies
  • Data sovereignty in the event of future system changes or extensions
  • Minimal data handling effort
  • Expansion to include process management and the installation of automatic procedures

What factors speak for the use of a headless content hub?

  • Use of several or many multi-channel system solutions
  • Ongoing expansion of the scope of benefits of new multichannel channels
  • Ensures efficiency, consistency and transparency
  • Capacity to handle a large amount of and a variety of communication information
  • National and international dependencies in the preparation, management and distribution of communication data
  • Management of various communication content versions and variants considering different specifications per multichannel use


Would you like to find out what advantages and benefits a Headless Content Hub system solution could bring to your company? We would be happy to provide you with a personal consultation at your convenience. The use of a headless content hub solution is very specific to each company. It is therefore important to take all dependencies into consideration. Like this, we can develop a sustainable and future-oriented solution, together with you.

Already successfully developed and integrated:

Selected references from aclevion

Selected references from censhare

Product Information Management

A system for product communication

A product catalogue, printed or in digital form, is important in many industries to clearly present the available product range. Customer needs have fundamentally changed over the course of digitalisation. This demands that suppliers carefully maintain the master data. Reliable product information management (PIM) or product experience management (PXM) is needed to ensure that the relevant product information is always available in the right form and consistently on all channels. Over several years, we have acquired comprehensive expertise in the implementation of PIM and PXM system solutions thanks to various project realisations based on a wide range of customer requirements. Therefore, we know that every company needs its own specific and individually adapted PIM or PXM system.

The challenges of preparing and managing product information are often very different, depending on the industry, the type of product and the specific circumstances of a company. There are substantial differences depending on whether the product information is being made available for use by a manufacturer, retailer or service provider. Today, it is usually no longer sufficient to only provide the pure product master data and attributes because products or product offers are often in the context of success stories, user experiences, etc.

Reliable information and consistent data on all channels

For this purpose, the product information must always be available for the different multichannel uses such as e-Shop, partner-net, Apps, POS, social media, digital signage, Web2Print, print, etc. In addition, the various product information must be available for the individual target groups in differentiated or combined form. In detail, this means that the same marketing text must be adapted, e.g., in linguistically adapted form, to the intended target group (broad audience vs. experts) and/or regarding the number of characters (print vs. online), to the output channel. This increases the complexity of data management in addition to the parallel issues of language, variants etc.

A specialist familiar with needs and interfaces

We have many years of experience in implementing product information and digital asset management systems for different types of companies (from the manufacturer, retailer or service provider sectors). Our strength is our in-depth knowledge of the structuring and organisation of product information in conjunction with the associated media data such as marketing texts, use cases, images, logos, icons, audios, videos, etc. In addition, we also understand the mechanisms of the processes involved in data processing, management and provision, right through to multichannel output. In other words, we know the exact dependencies when it comes to connecting third-party systems such as e-Shops, print, POS, W2P, social media, app, and digital signage solutions, packaging, etc. or when bidirectionally exchanging or comparing data with these systems.

A system solution for synergy and added value

Do you already have a product information management system solution or hold diverse product master data in an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or an e-Shop solution and would like to utilise this data more efficiently, process-controlled, consistently and media-neutrally in other multichannel applications in the future? In this case, we would be happy to provide you with our comprehensive knowledge and show you how a marketing product information management system can build the ideal bridge between pure product master data and specific channel output systems. We will show you the complementary solution for the multichannel use of product information.

Advantages of a Product Information Management System:

  • Central preparation and administration of all product information
  • Structuring of products, product groups, product ranges, articles, offer types etc.
  • Connection of third-party systems such as ERP, IMS, DAM etc. for the enrichment with existing master data
  • Process control and decentralised cooperation in the preparation of product information for internal and external clients
  • Integration of automatisms and logics for the dynamic or automatic enrichment of product information
  • Control of product information for the various multichannel applications
  • Individual data provision for sales partners or end customers

What factors speak for the use of a Product Information Management System?

  • Comprehensive range of many different products
  • Products with a large amount of product information
  • Product data in several language variations
  • Product data is prepared and refined in combination with several contractors
  • Product data must be able to be used for several multichannel applications
  • Product data must be able to be presented in a differentiated way in the various multichannel applications
  • Product data must be made available to suppliers or sales partners in a structured form.
  • Traceable maintenance or use of product information

Already successfully developed and integrated:

Selected references  from aclevion


Selected references from censhare


Multichannel Management

Multichannel management means the distribution of communication content to the various application areas such as eShop, social media, homepage, special interest, web portals, digital signage and various types of print publications. We have a well-versed and profound knowledge in the management of communication content and make it available for multichannel output. A particular challenge worth mentioning during the preparation and refinement of communication content, is that several internal and external stakeholders such as marketers, authors, editors, product managers, eShop managers, image editors, lay outers, translators, etc. usually work together in an interdisciplinary and decentralised manner.

We are specialised in the consulting and elaboration of precisely these, sometimes very complex work processes. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with our clients from a wide range of industries, we have been able to acquire a high level of expertise over the years, in the areas of process consulting and process elaboration.

Selected references from aclevion


Selected references from aclevion


Marketing Campaign Management

Based on previously integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM), we were able to introduce or customer a headless content hub system solution, for a complementary marketing campaign management application. The focus was on the integration of communication content such as texts, images, videos, graphics or product information, in interaction with the organization/coordination of marketing campaigns.

Selected references from aclevion

Marketing Portal

Based on previously integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM), we were able to introduce our customer a headless content hub system solution, for a complementary marketing campaign management portal application. The focus was on the integration of communication content such as texts, images, logos, audios, icons, videos, or graphics, in interaction with the marketing portal solution.

Selected references from aclevion

Packaging Management

In the area of packaging management, we were able to realise various projects for our customers as well as carry out numerous implementations in the areas of digital asset management (DAM) and workflow management, such as a headless content hub system solution. Based on these system solutions, all communication content such as advertising texts, product specifications, images, logos, icons, layouts, 3D views as well as die-cuts etc., were integrated.

The set of rules for the necessary process controls, which were required here for collaboration between product management, text management and translation management, could be specifically added to the corresponding area of application.

Selected references from aclevion


Selected references from censhare

Technology Partner.

Only with a solid interaction with our technology partners and network partners are we strong!

censhare offers marketing software solutions for mid-sized companies and corporations that need an integrated, modular marketing and product system.

Our content and marketing platform centralizes content management and delivery and automates content operations. This frees our customers’ employees to create great customer experiences. With censhare, companies can grow by transforming employee creativity into exceptional content and then delivering it in a personalized way to different channels, languages and geographies. Today, censhare is a content and marketing platform that helps its customers realize their Digital Transformation and Omnichannel strategy. The company is headquartered in Munich and has offices in the USA, UK, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and India.

“aclevion AG, as an expert in the consulting and implementation of censhare solutions that emerged from censhare (Schweiz) AG, is our first Platinum Partner in Switzerland due to its comprehensive expertise. The team has decades of experience in the implementation of censhare and supports its customers in setting up central content platforms with digital asset management, product information management and content management.”

Statement – Mareike Zaruba, CEO censhare Deutschland GmbH

Helping Businesses Create Extraordinary Product Experiences

For many marketers, IT and global product teams, managing product information can feel like utter chaos. Data is siloed and scattered across systems and spreadsheets, wasting time and creating inconsistencies that hurt the customer experience.

This is where Contentserv comes in. By combining its expertise in developing advanced software with a customer-centric approach, the company is on a mission to build technology that simplifies and automates product content management and frees up valuable time and resources.

Contentserv’s Product Experience Cloud enables manufacturers, brand owners and specialized retailers to manage and optimize product content more easily — through one easy-to-use cloud platform. With product content optimized, businesses and IT teams can spend less time fighting fragmented data and more time focusing on delivering the rich, relevant and emotional product experiences that enhance their brand and ultimately delight customers.

Contentserv is a recognized technology leader, and over 300 businesses in 89 countries trust Contentserv with their product and digital asset data. The software’s flexibility, scalability and usability make their daily lives easier, improve time- to-value and helps increase ROI. More importantly, Contentserv empowers them to create the product experiences their customers demand on any channel — today, tomorrow and in the future.

Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM), helping companies unlock growth opportunities by delivering a consistent and compelling product experience across all channels, including e-commerce, mobile, print, point of sale and beyond. With its open platform, leading PIM, add-ons, connectors and marketplace, Akeneo PXM Studio improves the quality and accuracy of product data, simplifies catalog management and accelerates the sharing of product information across all channels and locations.

Global brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers such as Kneipp, KaDeWe, and Liqui Moly rely on Akeneo to scale and customize their omnichannel commerce initiatives. With Akeneo, brands and retailers can activate product experiences across all channels to improve the customer experience, increase sales, shorten time-to-market, go global, and increase team productivity.

Founded in 2003, priint Group / WERK II is one of the world’s leading software providers of solutions for bringing product data to life. For the priint Group, two of the key factors of successful marketing communication are clearly the availability “on demand” and the “relevance” of the content. And so today more than 500 customers and 100 partners trust in the priint:suite.

With the priint:suite, it is possible to automate the publishing processes in companies of all sizes in order to be prepared for all modern requirements. The various components of the priint:suite enable companies to integrate a wide variety of data sources such as ERP, PIM, MDM, DAM, CRM, CMS web shops or MRM systems, among others. With the help of the priint:suite plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign®, InDesign Server and Illustrator®, this data is usable for any type of publishing project. It is therefore not surprising that companies that rely on the priint:suite achieve an increase in efficiency of up to 80 % in publishing.

Ready to go the path with us? We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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