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More marketing efficiency and quality with digital asset management

The company employs over 700 people and uses over 20 brands of its own or under license, each with its own corporate design and corporate identity. As an internal service provider, the central marketing department creates the measures for all these brands. The marketing experts not only have to serve the various brands effectively, but also meet the increasing demands of their target groups for digital media, personalization and relevance.

Today, the company manages all brand and marketing content in the central censhare digital asset management system. Employees from marketing and the individual brands have access to the central system and can see the content that is relevant and approved for them. All content exists exactly once and always in the current version. An overarching, system-supported process regulates the lifecycle of the content via validation mechanisms, from import, refinement and approval to publication and subsequent archiving. The system also supports export to external headless content management as well as the control and assignment of external jobs for image processing, translation or print approval.

The central system offers many advantages: Where files used to be difficult to find, the centralized and structured system now ensures order. All files are always accessible and always in the correct version, which not only significantly increases brand compliance, but also the quality of communication and the impact on the market. Finally, the system-supported workflow optimizes internal processes, reduces the workload, enables new agility and creates the basis for further automation in marketing.


In the past, all marketing data was stored on drives, exported and approved by hand. The information was neither harmonized nor standardized and many processes tied up resources unnecessarily. As part of a reorganization of internal marketing, LAVEBA not only revised its marketing strategy, but also invested in the necessary systems.

The new system should increase efficiency in marketing and the LAVEBA network, create the infrastructure for marketing automation and increase brand compliance. Together with LAVEBA, we analyzed the data and organization, derived the rights concept, master data, output items and order processes and implemented a comprehensive asset lifecycle based on the censhare DAM.


brands integrated


comprehensive workflow


of media data managed

The asset lifecycle process: full control from upload to archiving

Based on central digital asset management, the company uses a comprehensive asset lifecycle process for all files and information, which ensures greater process reliability and data quality. Users have access to different subtasks and actions depending on their role and rights.

Each asset passes through various quality gates, in each of which different processes run with system support and further actions are possible, such as the creation of external orders.

With the implementation of censhare, we were able to increase efficiency in the organization and lay the foundation for future next steps in marketing automation.

Gabriel G├╝beli, LAVEBA GenossenschaftHead of Corporate Communications & Marketing

System Solution


censhare has fully integrated digital asset management, product information management and content management to help you to master your content. Companies like Allianz, Lands’ End, Dyson, Christie’s and hundreds more rely on censhare for on-brand, always up-to-date content, taking advantage of every opportunity to reach the right customers at the right time.

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The company

LAVEBA, the cooperative association for agriculture in Eastern Switzerland, unites the leading LANDI cooperatives and LANDI stock corporations in Eastern Switzerland – in the cantons of St. Gallen, both Appenzells (AI/AR), Glarus, the Principality of Liechtenstein, parts of Thurgau and Schwyz. LAVEBA is a modern, cooperatively organized retail and service company in the fields of energy, retail, agriculture and real estate. With innovative services for homes, farms and businesses under the LAVEBA Shop, AGROLA, LANDI, UFA and other brands, LAVEBA meets the diverse needs of farmers, companies, organizations and private individuals.

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