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With over 20 brands, the retail and services company offers innovative services in the energy, retail, agriculture and real estate sectors. A daunting task for the central marketing department, which as a professional service provider ensures that the measures of all brands are not only geared towards the different target groups, but also have a targeted and differentiating effect on the market.

LAVEBA relies on an integrated asset lifecycle process for all brands and content based on censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM). The new process has increased marketing efficiency and improved the quality of measures.

Previously, all data was stored on one drive, was not harmonized and was difficult to find. The export to different output channels was done manually and was not standardized. All these processes are now automated by the new system.

Today, censhare serves as a central system in which the marketing-relevant content of all brands is managed and made available, such as logos, illustrations, images, texts, layouts and videos. All marketing employees and other internal users have access to it and see exactly what is relevant for their tasks and roles. Whether online or offline measures, whether LANDI, AGROLA or LAVEBA: everyone involved has access to the entire content of their brand in exactly the right version at all times.

Based on this system, we have worked with LAVEBA to define and implement an asset lifecycle process that further increases process reliability and efficiency. Starting with the upload, all files go through a lifecycle in various steps that are precisely tailored to LAVEBA’s needs. After an initial QA check, the files are released and then published to all digital and analog channels.

The content is then either archived or deleted. Between the individual lifecycle phases, the data is validated for completeness or accuracy. In each step, all necessary steps are initiated and carried out in a system-controlled manner, for example the collection of a wide range of information for SEO purposes, the creation of image processing or translation jobs, an approval process for layout data or export to the connected headless content management system.

The new process offers many advantages:

Increased efficiency
Structured and centralized storage ensures fast performance, simplifies retrieval, prevents duplicate data records and guarantees the quality of the files and information communicated.

Optimization and automation
The managed workflowsystem optimizes the processes in the entire LAVEBA network, ensures a lean and agile organization and creates the basic infrastructure for marketing automation.

Better brand compliance
The central provision of brand elements while limiting visibility per brand and area ensures better compliance with CI and CD and an effective impact in the market.

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brands integrated


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System Solution


censhare has fully integrated digital asset management, product information management and content management to help you to master your content. Companies like Allianz, Lands’ End, Dyson, Christie’s and hundreds more rely on censhare for on-brand, always up-to-date content, taking advantage of every opportunity to reach the right customers at the right time.

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With the implementation of censhare, we were able to increase efficiency in the organization and lay the foundation for future next steps in marketing automation.

Gabriel G├╝beli, LAVEBA GenossenschaftHead of Corporate Communications & Marketing

The company

LAVEBA, the cooperative association for agriculture in Eastern Switzerland, unites the leading LANDI cooperatives and LANDI stock corporations in Eastern Switzerland – in the cantons of St. Gallen, both Appenzells (AI/AR), Glarus, the Principality of Liechtenstein, parts of Thurgau and Schwyz. LAVEBA is a modern, cooperatively organized retail and service company in the fields of energy, retail, agriculture and real estate. With innovative services for homes, farms and businesses under the LAVEBA Shop, AGROLA, LANDI, UFA and other brands, LAVEBA meets the diverse needs of farmers, companies, organizations and private individuals.

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