Möbel Pfister AG

The company is one of the largest furniture retailers in Switzerland with 18 stores, over 1,500 employees and more than 100,000 items in its range. Price adjustments and promotions constantly generate a large demand for new, printed price posters.

Möbel Pfister relies on automated individuality in the creation of price signage. The priint:suite minimizes sources of error and enables a more efficient sales process for them.

Previously, sales staff laboriously created price posters in Word templates by researching the correct prices in the web store or sales platform and manually calculating the percentage savings. Today, the price posters are created using priint:suite, which was introduced as part of a two-stage automation project.

Various InDesign templates for the different price posters were created in the priint:suite. The innovative platform is seamlessly connected to the PIM and CDN at Möbel Pfister and ensures the correct display of content on the posters. Thanks to the dynamic assignment of access rights in the priint:suite using LDAP, employees in the stores work in their own publications – permissions are automatically assigned based on department and work location.

Triggered by price changes or promotions, simple price posters are automatically generated. However, employees can also create their own specific price signage.

Enormous time savings
Automation reduces the workload for up to 200 employees.

Minimization of errors
Thanks to the elimination of manual work and manual entries, the price posters always display the correct information and prices.

It is ensured that the posters are created in the target language in which they are needed. Differences in text length have been conceptually considered during template creation.

Employee motivation
Sales staff are freed from tedious tasks and can work system-based.

In addition to price posters, Möbel Pfister’s marketing department also relies on the priint:suite. Catalogs or brochures are produced with high frequency for the respective marketing campaigns, while the same data or media are used.

The project was implemented by Stämpfli Kommunikation and has been supported and further developed by aclevion since 2023.

Use Case


correct prices


employees relieved


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System Solution


The modular structure and full scalability of the priint:suite enable cost-efficient and successful automation of publishing processes for companies of any size. The various components of the priint:suite enable companies to integrate a wide variety of data sources such as ERP, PIM, MDM, DAM, CRM, CMS web stores or MRM systems and to make this data usable for any type of publishing project in our plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign®, InDesign Server and Illustrator®, among others.

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The priint:suite is regularly used in sales by over 100 employees. With it, we master the balancing act between automation and individual needs for price signage from the stores.

Christoph Büttiker, Möbel Pfister AGPIM expert

The company

With numerous branches, Möbel Pfister AG has established itself as the leading furniture store throughout Switzerland. With a total of 18 branches, Möbel Pfister is thus present in all parts of the country to offer customers an incomparable experience full of passion and living pleasure. The company places great emphasis on uncompromising quality, offering sound advice and guaranteeing first-class service. As one of the largest online suppliers in the Swiss furnishing market, Möbel Pfister presents over 85,000 products online. Since the beginning of 2020, the company has been a member of the XXXLutz Group, one of the world’s leading furniture retailers.

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