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The ever-increasing number of communication channels made it increasingly difficult for the Swiss Post to plan its diverse communication content in a topic- and channel-specific manner. However, the Swiss Post’s goal was to be able to respond to its customer’s changing needs with the existing communication channels and all future ones as well.

Therefore, the Swiss Post has gradually expanded its content platform into a central content hub. We have been supporting the Swiss Post in this process for years, both in the design and in the implementation of the platform.

To begin with, the Swiss Post decided to introduce the censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This made it possible to put an intelligent and flexible content management system in place for all content. Even with the increasing volume of data, the system ensures consistency and is able to distribute content to the various channels.

By adding a headless content management capability, the platform not only provides assets to internal users for editing but also connects to third-party systems to address the specific needs of the Swiss Post’s business units.

This is how the content hub supplies the external brand management system with all central brand assets and ensures that all brand elements are both high-quality and up-to-date.

In a guided portal users can create and produce standardized advertising materials themselves with a direct link to the content hub. A coordinated workflow concept secures the quality of the content and design while providing maximum efficiency in the implementation process.

Complex publications with demanding layouts and intricate translation and planning processes are produced directly in the central system, to which all external service providers are also linked.

The central planning system is integrated into the company-wide content hub and enables the various company divisions to plan all topics and channels comprehensively.

The gradual expansion of the flexible content hub has paid off for Post CH AG. Functions are launched with high user acceptance and without being overwhelming. This ensures the desired benefits, efficiency and relevance in communication.


Less work for the same tasks


Business areas


Communication projects per year

System Solution

censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM)

censhare Digital Asset Management centrally stores a single data record for each file, which can be used by all teams. Each file can be flexibly linked with all relevant information, such as target group, source, usage rights or other information. This allows teams to intuitively search for the desired content independently of each other.

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censhare Headless CMS (HCMS)

The censhare Headless CMS enables an easy exchange of information between censhare and other systems, applications and apps as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). This promotes customer loyalty and as a result, the relationship with partners can be built and strengthened.

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censhare Content Management (CMS)

The censhare Content Management System makes it easy to create media-neutral content and transform it automatically for all channels: websites, online shops, apps, marketing automation, digital advertising and print. In censhare, content can be translated and localised directly. The flexible API enables external applications to access the centrally stored content.

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censhare Marketing Project Planning

The censhare Marketing Project Planning Module brings together all the information you need to control your marketing activities: from agency briefings to the creation and production. This reduces complexity, lowers costs and massively reduces the time required and the susceptibility to errors.

Thanks to the cross-divisional planning concept, we were able to cover various needs within the company. And management has meaningful overview options at its disposal at all times.

Jürgen Kübler, Post CH AGHead of Management, Digital Channels Market


The Swiss Post is a public company that is 100% owned by the Swiss Confederation. In 2021, the company shipped around 1,8 billion letters and 202 million packages, transported 135 million passengers with PostBus and managed over CHF 111 billion in customer assets with PostFinance.

With the implementation of topic planning with censhare, we were able to consolidate various planning activities in one system and thus achieve greater efficiency and relevance in our communication efforts.

Michael Eberle, Post CH AGProduct Owner