The Sanitas Group provides both basic and supplementary insurance. With around 841,000 insured persons and a premium volume of almost CHF 3 billion, Sanitas is one of the largest Swiss health insurers providers.

There is a considerably large amount of information and communication materials available to customers. In order to simplify the creation of such materials, the communications department at Sanitas wanted the editorial system (censhare) to be connected to the Wordbee translation platform (Beebox), so that all files could be translated directly into InDesign.

Within a few weeks, the aclevion team was able to implement a connection to the WordBee translation tool, tailored to Sanitas. The censhare DAM, the InDesign SDK and the newly server integrated Java FTP client were among the systems utilised for the implementation. Today, Sanitas carries out around 1,000 translations of approximately 5,000 layout assets automatically through censhare each year.

It is not without reason that Vittoria Ceccarini, Head of Translation Services at Sanitas, is convinced of the new solution: «The future of the language industry is networking. By connecting our platform to censhare, we have been able to take a big step in this direction.»






Translations from censhare

System Solution

censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM)

censhare Digital Asset Management centrally stores a single data record for each file, which can be used by all teams. Each file can be flexibly linked with all relevant information, such as target group, source, usage rights or other information. This allows teams to intuitively search for the desired content independently of each other.

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censhare Print Production Management

The censhare Print Production Management Module ensures that all stakeholders work with identical information and enables automatic document updating. This significantly simplifies the production processes and shortens the time from the initial idea to the printed copy.

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censhare Lokalisierung und Übersetzung

Das Modul bietet alle Features und Funktionen, die für die schnelle, effiziente Erstellung und Verwaltung von lokalisierten Content-Varianten und deren Übersetzungen notwendig sind.Standard-Schnittstellen machen es einfach, mit Übersetzern und Agenturen zusammenzuarbeiten.

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In cooperation with aclevion and Wordbee, the interface between the editorial system and the translation platform was created. Thanks to this solution, a number of manual steps have been eliminated, resulting in a reduction of about 150 hours over the course of a year.

Simone RolliCorporate Design Manager Sanitas

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The Sanitas Group offers both basic and supplementary health insurance. With around 841,000 insured persons and a premium volume of almost CHF 3 billion, Sanitas is one of the largest Swiss health insurers.

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