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A fantastic barbecue evening

We celebrated the launch of aclevion AG at the beginning of July 2021 on the one hand and the farewell of the censhare (Schweiz) AG team colleagues on the other hand with a cozy barbecue evening. Despite heavy summer thunderstorms, it was a nice evening with fine food and drink in a collegial atmosphere. In this context, Jürg Weber, on behalf of all of us, thanked our long-time, now “ex” colleagues Esther Mitchell, Lars Winter and Daniel Alb for the always great cooperation. We will, of course, maintain contact with them, as they still form the censhare (Schweiz) AG team and we look forward to maintaining a lively partnership with them.

In addition, it was the first time since the start of the Corona Lockdown that the entire team was able to meet in a personal and relaxed setting. Accordingly, it was a great pleasure to once again have a direct and intensive exchange of views on various topics. For this successful event we would like to thank the organizing team Conny Schmid and Nicole Sauter from aclevion AG as well as the barbecue chef “Kudi” from Ueli-Hof Catering ( So we are already looking forward to the upcoming events to reactivate and strengthen the team spirit again after this intensive Corona home office time.