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aclevion is expanding its portfolio with priint:suite, from the priint Group | WERK II, providing comprehensive publishing solutions for the Swiss market.

The aclevion team has extensive experience in database publishing and print production. Whether customer magazines, sales literature, flyers, advertisements, labels, POS materials or product catalogues – print has been a relevant component in almost every one of our customer projects over the last 15 years.

Already in 2006, while at Swissprinters Crossmedia Center, Jürg Weber, current CEO and owner of aclevion, used the publishing solution priint:suite to produce the Robert Bosch AG accessories catalogue, which was written in 24 languages. Since then, priint:suite from the priint Group | WERK II, has always been on the radar for possible project solutions.

In recent years, test scenarios in the areas of packaging management and print production have been developed through the technology partnership with censhare. We have also been working with Contentserv, the leading product experience management solution and also a strong technology partner of the priint Group | WERK II, since 2022.

In this market and over the last few years, service providers were convinced that “print is dead”. That this is obviously not the case for several of our customers in the industry, trade and finance sectors, and can been seen through the significant use of print media in the communication mix. Today, print is much more than just printed paper, it has become innovative and acts as an important teaser and communication tool within the digital universe as well. With priint:suite, we are pleased to add a world-leading publishing solution to our portfolio.»
Jürg Weber, CEO, aclevion

Horst Huber, CEO priint:suite, is equally convinced:
«We are excited to welcome aclevion AG as our new implementation partner. Jürg Weber and I have known each other for over 15 years and have successfully carried out publishing projects in the past. aclevion AG’s decision to include priint:suite in their service portfolio underlines the importance of print projects in times of digitalisation. In doing so, aclevion is following the “best-of-breed” approach in printing automation.»

priint:suite stands out in particular because of its universal field of application and the numerous possible uses of the solution. This is made possible by the team’s comprehensive know-how and the constant further development of the functional scope and technological base. At the same time, priint Group | WERK II has an established network of technology partners that enables us to provide sustainable solutions to our customers within the Swiss market.

Our experts would be happy to explain how this works in a personal consultation. You can contact us here for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Of course, the experts at our partner, priint Group | WERK II, will also be happy to assist you. You can find contact details at

aclevion AG's decision to include priint:suite in their service portfolio underlines the importance of print projects in times of digitalisation.

Horst HuberCEO, priint Group | Werk II