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aclevion Open House in Zurich

We couldn‘t celebrate the founding of aclevion in 2021 due to Corona, so we were all the more happy to meet our customers and friends at the Open House in Zurich to celebrate together. We are continuously expanding our portfolio and know-how and did invite our new partners to join us in the content workshop to discuss with us and our guests how companies can create sustainable product experiences today.

We were joined by Michael Kugler, CEO of the product experience cloud Contentserv, who opened our eyes to what it takes to create truly compelling buying experiences, besides comprehensive product data. In addition to many smart insights, there were plenty of best practices from the journey towards a fully integrated product experience management.

Database publishing pioneer Horst Huber, CEO of the leading publishing platform priint:suite, not only brought the dinos (stickers) with him, but also made us aware of the important role of print in the orchestration of product experience management. In an interactive presentation, we gained a new perspective on what print really is today and why print has lost none of its relevance.

Andreas Nilitschka, CEO of n c ag, took us into a new dimension of personalization in an exciting customer case. Using the example of a large car importer, we were able to experience live how fully automated advertising material individualization for dealers and marketing campaigns is implemented with the myPUBLISH solution.

Finally, the “digital art” artist Nero Cosmos invited us to think outside the box and showed us the world through the eyes of an artificial intelligence. He surprised us not only with an exhibition of fascinating images, but also with a new understanding of fake. And we finally know what generative art has to do with boxes.

After this look into the workroom of sustainable product experience with our guests and market-leading solution providers, we ended the evening with great conversations and an apéro on our roof terrace. We thank all guests and our partners for attending and are already looking forward to meet face-to-face again.