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Daniel Zellhuber

Daniel Zellhuber joined us in January as Head of Operations. And we are delighted to welcome another long-standing censhare expert to the team. Daniel started at censhare back in 2010, where he built up his extensive expertise in various positions, including Head of Solution Consulting and Head of Product and Solution Management. Since we have known and appreciated Daniel for many years, we are all the more pleased to have him join our team.

Daniel privately

With my wife and our two children we live in Munich, which is a wonderful place to spend your free time in the outdoors. I am passionate about going to the mountains and climbing. As a certified climbing instructor, I give courses and teach safe and efficient climbing. And leading a children’s climbing group keeps me fit in its own unique way and provides an excellent complement to the challenges of everyday business.

I am looking forward to being able to optimally respond to our customers' needs with an experienced team and a broad portfolio of solutions.

Daniel ZellhuberHead of Operations