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Together with Contentserv we were sponsor of the ONE Fachforum Smart Digital Business

On August 31, topsoft platform and Digitalrat consulting network hosted a new event for Swiss companies that focused on digitization from the perspective of SMEs. Numerous entrepreneurs and users had the opportunity for knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences and networking in the unique event location Heuboden near Rotkreuz.

The agenda included field reports, for example on a cyber-attack experienced first-hand at STOBAG AG, the challenges of managing e-commerce teams at Meier Tobler AG, brand building using social media at Mikks AG and much more. In this way, the speakers demonstrated the advantages, but also the risks of digitalization, always using concrete examples.

We are pleased that companies such as Stobag, Anliker, Stadler Form, Cereno Schweiz, Meier Tobler and also the City of Zurich reported on how they experience digitization. The participants were thus able to learn what works in terms of digitization and where there are stumbling blocks.

Kevin D. Klak, DigialratCo-organizer

The variety of topics of the presentations was great, always with concrete application examples and first-hand tips. During the extended breaks and at the subsequent dinner, there was plenty of time for joint discussions and uncomplicated networking. We were able to sponsor the event together with Contentserv and learned a lot, had interesting conversations and made new contacts.