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aclevion expands portfolio with specialized Digital Asset Management (DAM) for manufacturers and retailers

With TESSA, EIKONA Media GmbH is developing a DAM system that is not only specialized for retailers and manufacturers, but also optimized for integration in PIM and e-commerce processes. We are pleased to be the first partner in Switzerland to offer this solution to our customers.

As part of the new partnership, we spoke with Salvatore Accaputo, CEO of EIKONA Media:

What exactly is TESSA?

SA: TESSA is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. With a DAM system, you can store, edit and share all your digital media, also called assets, such as images, videos, PDFs, office documents, etc. in a structured way in a central location. The name TESSA is very easy to remember, because it is ASSET read backwards ;).

TESSA is often used by manufacturers and distributors and is not only used for product related assets, but also for marketing related assets.

Why do Swiss companies need a DAM system?

SA: The need for a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is not limited to specific markets or countries, but can be relevant for companies and organizations worldwide. Nevertheless, there are some reasons why Swiss companies in particular benefit from a DAM system:

Multicultural market
Switzerland is a country with four official national languages and a diverse culture. A DAM system facilitates the management of content in multiple languages and for different audiences.

Highly developed economy
Switzerland is home to many multinational companies, particularly in the pharmaceutical, financial services and technology sectors. These companies often have complex digital asset management requirements that a DAM system could make more efficient.

Data privacy and security
Switzerland has strict data protection laws. A DAM system helps ensure compliance in terms of digital media storage and sharing.

I am very much looking forward to this collaboration and am glad to have aclevion AG as one of the "big players" in the Swiss digitization market on our side.

Salvatore AccaputoCEO EIKONA Media

EIKONA Media is also an e-commerce agency, how has your experience in this area shaped TESSA?

SA: As an e-commerce agency, we are very close to the customer. Therefore, one of the USPs of TESSA is that it can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer. It is important for us that it remains updateable.

Many competitors in the DAM market are going the pure SaaS route. We also offer TESSA as a SaaS solution, among other things. However, in my view, pure “SaaS-only” products have the disadvantage that customers are always forced to adapt their processes to those of the software.

As an e-commerce agency and therefore service provider, we try to optimize customer processes and speed up work by using our technologies. Sometimes a process that has grown over the years is efficient for the customer’s needs and cannot be optimized. And thus, the software should be able to orient itself to this process. Just as we, as an agency, have to constantly adapt to customers and recognize and understand their needs.

How do you see the future of digital asset management, especially in the context of PIM and e-commerce systems?

SA: DAM systems have a promising future, especially in the context of Product Information Management (PIM) and e-commerce systems. Digitization continues to advance, and with it the amount of digital assets that companies need to manage. Some arguments in this context are certainly things like unified data source, scalability, flexibility, automation, AI, multichannel rejections, acceleration of time-to-market, and more.

Personally, I’m a fan of optimizing systems for their intended use and having the various systems communicate with each other (e.g., via APIs). In other words, a PIM system should take care of managing and organizing the product data, a DAM system should take care of the digital media, an ERP system should take care of the business processes of accounting and purchasing, and a store should take care of selling the products.

Why did you decide to partner with aclevion?

SA: In my opinion, the Swiss market offers huge potential for PIM, DAM and eCommerce. Above all, we have noticed in the past in projects with Swiss customers that the Swiss have very high quality expectations of themselves, but also of their service providers.

Therefore, we knew that if we want to serve customers in Switzerland satisfactorily, this will only succeed with partners who understand this mentality and the high demands and also carry them themselves.

aclevion AG has done this successfully in the last years. The brands that aclevion advises are big brands, some of which are market leaders in their industry. Maintaining such a level of customers over many years shows that aclevion not only understands its craft – consulting and implementation – but also knows how to satisfactorily serve complex corporate and enterprise structures.

We would be happy to explain more about the advantages and use cases of TESSA in a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!

And of course, the experts at our partner EIKONA Media will also be happy to assist you. You can find contact details at