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Robin Nieminen

We are delighted to welcome another Solution Developer to the team, Robin. After working as a media and technology specialist and web designer, Robin has just completed his studies in Multimedia Production. He will be contributing his knowledge, particularly in programming and user experience, to the creation of templates for priint:suite and priint:comet.

Robin privately

Both creative and sporting balance are very important to me. I paint, draw and photograph a lot, but I also work as a carpenter and have already restored or built several pieces of furniture. I also love music and am a passionate record collector. Whenever I can, I play squash, football or beach volleyball. As long as there’s a ball involved, I’m happy!

For me, communication is always the most important thing. On the one hand, to understand the requirements precisely and, on the other, to exceed them through good teamwork.

Robin NieminenSolution Developer