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New partnership with the publishing system for corporate communications, publishing and association publications, technical communication and more

We are delighted to add Fabasoft Xpublisher, another leading provider in multichannel publishing, to our portfolio. The company offers various products that can be used to create workflow-centred content, manage it in a content pool and publish it automatically to any media channel.

Xpublisher Multichannel Publishing forms the core of the product suite as a central editorial system and controls and automates publication in all media channels. Xpublisher Digital Asset Management extends the functions with a fully-fledged digital asset management system that allows companies to manage all content in one place and have full control over their digital assets. With the online XML editor Xeditor, structured documents in XML format can be created, edited and checked without any technical knowledge.

“With Xpublisher, we are pleased to offer a modern publishing system that is particularly impressive due to its high degree of automation, end-to-end workflow and comprehensive range of functions,” says Jürg Weber, CEO of aclevion. “The software is therefore of interest to companies that want to fully automate their publishing processes.”

Customers include leading international companies from the publishing, aerospace, technology, education, public administration and many other sectors. As a cloud-based software-as-a-service, Xpublisher offers a wide range of benefits and enables a number of fast and effective optimisations to digitise workflows, automate publishing and maximise productivity.

With its industry experience and in-depth expertise in the publishing environment, aclevion is an ideal integration partner for us to further scale our growth in the DACH market and beyond. We look forward to many joint and innovative customer projects.

Matthias KrausCEO, Fabasoft Xpublisher

We would be happy to show you in person or remotely how you can optimize your publishing workflows with Fabasoft Xpublisher products. We look forward to hearing from you.

And of course, our partner’s experts will also be happy to assist you: