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The foundation of a successful digital customer journey

The Leister Group is a leading global technology group specializing in products for processing plastics and generating industrial process heat. The continuous growth as well as the complexity of their products required a reorganization of all product data in order to map a convincing customer journey in the digital future.

Together with the specialists from aclevion, Leister decided to expand the company website into a fully-fledged web platform. This was achieved based on the PIM solution from censhare, which, in addition to the required PIM functions, offers the necessary potential for further applications in product communication as well as marketing communication.

Today, the Leister Group manages products with more than a hundred features and 300-400 links to other information. The product managers maintain their data and articles themselves and can output and update this information to all channels immediately. The system automatically generates product sheets for all 2,000 products, each in 10 different languages. A quantity that the Leister Group would not have been able to realize manually.

Thanks to innovative systems, product data and media assets can be provided in high and consistent quality across the entire Leister Group and in all relevant channels.

Lukas OdermattHead of Corporate Business Development and Strategic Marketing