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Increased efficiency and reduced costs thanks to seamless data transformation

Migros has long been using a comprehensive censhare system for recording, managing and distibuting recipes for its printed and digital offerings. We developed the recipe database specifically for Migros. It now comprises over 10,000 recipes and a large number of complex automations for the creation and adaptation of quantity specifications, nutritional information and recipe texts in three languages.

To unify their entire print production with Adobe InDesign and WoodWing, Migros relies on a customized censhare interface and optimized processes. Today, recipes are not only transferred to the editorial system, but they are also automatically planned, placed, and designed. Migros saves time and money and at the same time was able to increase the consistency of information in all channels.

Learn more about the implementation and the benefits achieved here:

With the connection of censhare and WoodWing, we could eliminated another copy/paste process. Our designers can use the extra time for actually designing the publications.

Christoph SpĆ¼rginHead of Editorial Technology, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund