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50% time savings achieved with an integrated production workflow

Each item of the Leister Group is managed with numerous features and 300-400 references to further data and information and marketed in 10 different languages. Which for them means, that producing marketing materials comes with a high level of data complexity. Together with aclevion, the Leister Group had already synchronized the product information into a central Product Information Management system (PIM) for all brands, channels, and languages.

To efficiently design the production of the global product catalog, this product information had to be integrated in a highly automated way. Based on the central PIM system, we implemented an integrated production workflow that enabled Leister to significantly increase efficiency in their global catalog production while greatly reducing time to market.

Learn more about the implementation and the benefits achieved here:

The platform approach enables us to efficiently enrich and organize the product data in a differentiated way, so that we are well equipped for the existing and future requirements of channel-specific data exchange.

Oliver OdermattProjectmanager PIM, Leister AG