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Stephan Läderach, our expert for data management and processes of product and media data, introduces himself

Before we implement a solution, we must take many steps and clarify many questions. The goal and the existing processes of the customer always form the beginning. It is the task of Business Consulting to develop an optimized target image together with the customer and to show the way to achieve it.

Our team is made up of proven experts who have gained their know-how over many years of practical experience in successful projects on the customer and service provider side. This includes Stephan Läderach, our business consultant for data management and all processes related to product and media data.

Only when you have your data under control you have a fit company.

Stephan LäderachSenior Business Consultant

Who are you?

SL: As a trained typesetter, I entered the IT sector back in the early 90s. I started as a system administrator at a Swiss publishing specialist. Then, around the turn of the millennium, I specialized as a project manager for PIM, DAM, and e-commerce, first independently, later for many years at an IT company. Before aclevion, I spent 10 years at Stämpfli Kommunikation and was responsible for the PIM and DAM area for the last five years.

Being involved in many projects brought me a wealth of experience that enables me to understand the needs of individual stakeholders as well as the interrelationships within a company. I am a consultant who also brings many years of practical experience in project implementation to the table.

What is your job as a business consultant?

SL: At aclevion, we are various experts in consulting for different areas, so together we can ideally cover all topics and solutions. My expertise is product data management in the broadest sense. That means data management of product and media data, as well as publishing of the data in a channel such as e-commerce or print. Analyzing, optimizing and systematically automating these processes so that they are profitable for the customer – be it a gain in time, efficiency or quality – that is the goal of my work.

After our consultation, the customer knows exactly where and how they can achieve improvements. So, what they have to do, how they have to do it, how long it will take and what it will cost. And of course, everything is documented in writing, from the ACTUAL analysis to the TARGET picture with all the workshops carried out. The result can then either be used internally, e.g. to develop the strategy and plan the further budget. But we can also prepare it directly for a subsequent RFI or RFP.

Why are data management and processes so important?

SL: Every company that sells products also manages product data. This can be technical data, metadata, media data, and so on. And this data must be prepared, maintained and played out. If a company does not have this under control, e.g. has to search for data or publishes incorrect information, then this always leads to costs, extra time and falling behind the competition. Without good data, almost no company can be successful in the market.

We even have smaller companies as customers who have recognized problems around their data and optimized processes with a system solution. Now they have their data under control and free up resources to successfully handle their day-to-day business. And without having to worry about why another error happened, where the content is stored, or why it took forever to put a new product on the website. Only when you have your data under control you have a fit business.

I personally think that the process issue is the core in all projects.

Stephan LäderachSenior Business Consultant

How does such a consultation work in concrete terms?

SL: First you must get to know the company and understand their problems. Every company is an individual. That’s why it’s so important to understand exactly how the business works, in which environment it operates, where it sees its own weaknesses and whether this is really the case. In the end, it is about understanding how we can make the business more successful and support the company’s goals. On this basis, the appropriate system solution can then be selected.

To do this, we need to understand how the customer currently works and what they want to achieve. In addition, it is extremely important how the individual stakeholders assess the situation, because this can differ greatly from one another. Bringing all this to the table is usually very revealing and opens up new perspectives on the processes and ways of working for many of those involved.

Then, together with the client, I define the target picture and the steps to achieve it. Of course, one usually starts where one can quickly make a difference and achieve the greatest improvements.

And how do you find the right solution?

SL: It doesn’t start with the system solution, of course. It starts with the challenges and the goal of the customer. In my experience, the problems usually lie in the process issue as well as the lack of a “single point of truth” for the data. Fortunately, today there are many possible system solutions to meet these challenges. Due to my long experience with many systems and processes, we can always make a recommendation to our customers and propose a suitable solution.

What will be important in the future?

SL: Addressing customers personally is already important today and continues to gain in importance, not least due to new devices in the field of virtual reality/augmented reality, such as the Apple Vision Pro. Although this applies primarily to B2C companies, it is also relevant in the B2B environment, because business customers and retailers also increasingly expect a targeted approach. Those who know their customers and can provide them with the information that is relevant to them have a competitive advantage. The prerequisite for this is not only perfect data quality, but also a modern system landscape that ensures simple and smooth data exchange.

Learn more about our business consulting in a personal conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!