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Link between censhare and the translation platform

The Sanitas Group offers both basic and supplementary insurance coverage. Together with the aclevion team, the company has found a solution to optimise its translation management with censhare. Both the translation data of the source language and the re-importation of the translations are now fully automated by way of censhare. 

Within a few weeks, the aclevion team was able to implement a connection to the WordBee translation tool, tailored to Sanitas. The censhare DAM, the InDesign SDK and the newly server integrated Java FTP client were among the systems utilised for the implementation. Today, Sanitas carries out around 1,000 translations of approximately 5,000 layout assets automatically through censhare each year. 

The future of the language industry is networking. By connecting our platform to censhare, we were able to take a big step in this direction.

Vittoria CeccariniLeiterin Übersetzungsdienste Sanitas