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Fast usage of new features with less support and training

After Geberit switched the further development of its censhare-based marketing solution to continuous deployment, they were faced with new challenges: Release communication had to keep up with the new speed and the enablement of a wide variety of user groups had to be optimized. Thanks to aclevion’s newly implemented business support, all requirements were solved in a short time.

Business Support now accompanies each release from planning through release to user training and support. This has not only accelerated the use of new functions across the entire group but has also significantly reduced support and training requests.

Learn more about the tasks and benefits of Business Support here:

Thanks to the new role of Business Support, we notice that there are gaps in the system for users. There are always problems that we cannot solve even with the best training. Therefore, Business Support provides us with important information on what we still need to develop in the system to further improve the production processes.

Roger RübsamHead of Multimedia, Geberit International AG