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Networking meeting and exchange of experiences for our customers and partners

In early 2023, at the request of our customers, we launched aclevion Exchange, a format focused on honest and practical exchange of experiences and cross-industry networking. The feedback on the first Exchange was so enthusiastic that we have already organized the next event.

On September 14, the second aclevion Exchange took place in Zurich with more than 30 customers and partners. We are pleased to have won further renowned customers – ESA, Migros, Möbel Pfister and SpanSet – to share their experiences:

The Migros recipe database for over 10,000 recipe contents

Migros produces a large number of recipes every year in its own cooking and photo studios for the Migusto website, magazines, advertising and external licensing. The presentation amazed with a deep insight into the censhare-based recipe database, where recipes are not only managed but also recorded live as they are created. Interfaces are then used to automatically output the content with complex automatisms for adjusting quantities and nutritional information.

Migros Use Case:

Automated price poster generation in sales

Möbel Pfister offered a look behind the scenes of the automated price poster creation directly in the sales department of the approximately 18 stores. A project that was not only technically challenging, but also almost failed due to organizational resistance. Whereas sales staff used to have to laboriously prepare every update and price change by hand, an automated system based on the priint:suite now saves an enormous amount of time, minimizes errors and increases employee motivation.

Möbel Pfister Use Case:

PIM at ESA: From the hurdles of introduction to enthusiasm today

ESA also gained a lot of experience during the implementation: The introduction of censhare as a PIM went more or less smoothly. But that was not the end of it – the new eShop as well as SAP Hana were connected at the same time, users had to be enthused about censhare and almost 100,000 products had to be revised. The presentation provided an insight into how ESA overcame these hurdles, where they stand today and where they want to go with censhare.

ESA Case Study:


From Silos to Synergy – PIM for Product Management, Smart Docs and Digital Touchpoints

SpanSet, on the other hand, relies on Contentserv as a PIM for its more than 30,000 products and uses the solution not only for product management, but also for the management and translation of several language versions. The presentation gave an exciting insight into how product data is published from the system into the most diverse channels and ended in a lively discussion around the technical and organizational handling of data quality in the company.

Satisfied guests and mutual exchange of experiences

Thus, there were no success stories without rough edges to be heard on the day, but instead honest and practical experiences and insights into the projects of well-known companies. In addition to the presentations themselves, the exclusively invited guests also appreciated the informal atmosphere, which particularly contributed to the open exchange and mutual networking across different industries and system solutions.